Dem Congressman Tim Bishop’s Greatest Hits On CD-1



Congressman Tim Bishop of CD-1 Long Island has spent the last 12 years turning Suffolk County into a far-left enclave to match the one in Manhattan. His donors are the rich and famous from New York City who think Long Island is an ATM for the city, including the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow.

During his last six years, he was a reliable vote for President Barack Obama and voted with him 93.5% of the time.

He was only responsible for 4 bills in 12 years and they were to name post offices. He tries not to commit to anything in any noticeable way so he can keep getting elected and win a percentage of Republican voters who are too busy to check his far-left voting record.

AG Eric Holder “exonerated” him of an illicit pay-to-play scheme but it was a partisan political decision and he is still under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. CREW named him Most Corrupt Member of Congress.

The very left publication – the Village Voice – told it like it is. If you don’t know about the corruption scandal, check it out. It’s an interesting read and it does make the Congressman’s protestations seem disingenuous at best.

Congressman Bishop likes to pretend he’s a big supporter of the military, however, he didn’t even know that the soldiers in Ft. Hood were unarmed at one of his recent debates. You can hear Mr. Bishop make his stunning comments on the video below.

During one of the recent debates, he said that 10 of the illegal immigrant children who recently came across our borders were placed in the Southampton school district but the cost for all was only $14,000 total even though the children will undoubtedly need extra help and the tuition per child in Southampton is more than $30,000.

He’ll say anything.

Listen to him in the video below and stay with it for the ending.


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