Dem Congressmen Bang on Detention Center Doors for a Photo-Op


Democrat congressmen/women showed up for a photo shoot at a detention center in New Jersey today with their friends in the media. They want to make the President look bad since he is following the law and arresting parents with children as they cross over illegally.

The children are in detention centers until family or a foster family can be found. It doesn’t take long.

The Democrats don’t care at all that these children are pawns of their parents, the cartels and, in many cases, the fake parents bringing them across. It’s child abuse and many of these children are subjected to sexual abuse. Democrats simply don’t care. They have an agenda.

“The Congressman came unannounced, but ICE accommodated their request, and they were allowed to visit and meet with several detainees,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement told Fox News.

This was a stunt, plain and simple.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said “after having to deal with” law enforcement and “banging on the door,” they were finally allowed to meet with some detainees:

Nothing has changed in these Central American countries. The only things that have changed are our borders are open and these economic migrants are coming for jobs and/or welfare.

This illegal immigration has to be stopped. People are getting killed and abused. And, if we want to be a country, we must have borders.

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