Dem Gov Candidate Calls Trump a “Demented Pig Demon, ICE “Thugs”, Illegals “Guests”


Alec Ross is running as a Progressive [hard-left] gubernatorial candidate this year, hoping to unseat Republican Larry Hogan. While calling Trump and his politics “hateful”, he launched a tirade of acrimonious invective against the men and women of immigration enforcement and Trump.


In what is typical of the Resistance, he spewed hate while claiming Trump was spreading hate.

“Donald Trump is a vulgar, demented pig demon,” Ross began.

“When I’m governor and you are crossing from Donald Trump’s Washington into Maryland, you’re entering into the resistance,” he added.

The gubernatorial candidate then trashed the men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement while extolling illegals as “guests”. He told the crowd he would work to protect “our citizens and guests from the thugs in ICE.”

Off and on, the left has been pushing the idea that illegal aliens are guests. The sheriff who beat out Sheriff Arpaio — Paul Penzone — called them guests. He was funded by George Soros.

Democrat leadership has referred to them as guests. Are we so far gone as a nation that we would also call thugs who break into our homes “guests”?

Maryland should set up a more progressive government, he said, as he talked about putting back the economy-killing regulations in a flourishing economy.

This is what the hard-left wants for you Democrats, but are you prepared for this, just to win?




  1. Obviously, this MOOK doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. Let’s face it, he is just another Gay, attempting to change the world into his play house, with the boys.

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