Dem Icon Maxine Holds a Major ‘Tweet-a-Thon’ for a Teeny Crowd of Ten


California rock star Maxine Waters held a ‘Tweet-a-Thon’ rally this weekend that drew a teeny tiny crowd of ten millennials and left-wingers.

It was dubbed a ‘meet and greet’.

Her invitation blathered “come join top social media influencers for a tweet-a-thon in support of Auntie Maxine, our fearless champion in Congress who taught us how to reclaim our time!”

That’s a reference to her OCD rant in Congress. She made a fool of herself for those of us who don’t adore her. The event was meant to amplify her voice and energize the youth. Alas, the amplification wasn’t very loud. So few to hear her rant, ‘Impeach Trump’.

For those who missed the event, she spent the time bashing her opponent Omar Navarro, President Trump — who she calls 45, and all Republicans. Shucks! Sorry I missed that.


Here’s the crowd.


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