Dem Icon Maxine Waters Calls for Trump’s Impeachment, But She’s Very, Very Confused


Political “rock star” and Democrat icon, Maxine Waters is calling for Trump’s impeachment but last month she said she wasn’t calling for impeachment. Yesterday she also said the evidence is basically rolling in but two days ago she said there is no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

Maxine Waters said yet again that Trump needs to be impeached. She travels the country saying that. At least she’s honest about her goals unlike the press who pretend they are reporting the news.

“Well, here, you know, I’ve said all along that he would lead us to impeachment, and he’s doing just that. Every day, more and more is unfolding. I told you that I thought there was a criminal clan and these were his allies. I had a resolution back in February that said it should be investigated for collusion. Everything that I know, that I’ve been able to find out, if we do the investigations, the information is there. We’re fiddling while Rome is burning. This president needs to be impeached. I believe that. I believe there was collusion. We need to get on with the business of doing real investigations.”

Where is this evidence? Where?

Three days ago, Maxine said there’s no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

During the interview below, Maxine says Russia did the hacking on the DNC and other Democrats. Then Waters was asked if they have evidence of Trump-Russia collusion. She answered, “No we have not.

“And that’s why the investigation is so important. To drill down and connect those dots. To get the facts. What we have is a lot of smoke, that causes us to want to know more about what has happened.”

In other words, they’re on a fishing expedition.

In the next clip, Waters says she didn’t call for impeachment. That was on April 19th in an interview with MSNBC’s Melvin Craig though she had called for impeachment so many times before.


  1. Ole’ Maxie has been playing “hookey” from the ‘sanity school of thought’ for nigh on her whole career of liberal lunacy. Fishing is one of her pastimes.

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