Dem It Girl Cortez Screws Up Healthcare & Compares Illegals to Holocaust Victims


If you want to have a moment of enlightenment on any issue whatsoever, definitely don’t look at the Twitter page of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It’s pathetically adorned with nonsense. Most of the time, everything is just plain wrong.

We have a couple of her least impressive tweets for you.

In a tweet, Ocommie-Cortez claimed an insurance company was recommending GoFundMe as an official policy. She then waylaid that into, “but sure, single-payer healthcare is unreasonable.”

Unfortunately, nothing about this tweet was correct.

She got it all wrong.

Spectrum Health is NOT an insurance company. It’s a nonprofit health organization and it’s the transplant committee making the suggestion to fundraise $10,000. The reason they are making the recommendation is that MEDICARE requires very large out of pocket payments from the patients. That’s the MEDICARE she wants us all to have.

The problem is government healthcare and she just pointed it out.


We have another one that she put out Sunday. She compared the economic migrants and criminals trying to storm the border Sunday with Jews escaping the Holocaust and others in similar positions.

Nothing new has taken place in Central America. It’s the same way it was decades ago. What’s new is our politicians opened our borders.

On Sunday, the migrants tried to cross the border “violently” and “illegally” according to the Mexican officials. Mexico plans to deport 500 of them.

They aren’t being treated this way because they asked for refugee status but rather for faking refugee status and trying to cross the border “violently” and “illegally”.

She is the Democrat It Girl, the “future of the Democratic Party”.



  1. She truly is the gift that delivers! I sure hope her “ideas” just keep coming. She is the Democrats newest mouthpiece. What I love is how clearly unambiguous her thoughts are. Even Analyst’s 6 years short of a degree in, well, just about anything, can demolish her thoughts in about 2 seconds.

    Have you ever noticed how confident really stupid people are? They don’t even know what they don’t know. And Ms. Many Names is a prototype of the so afflicted.

  2. I’d New Jersey were to announce a “Re-call” election for her seat she’d probably reply “But I didn’t receive the first call”.

    • As a Vietnam vet I learned it is wise to study the ways of my enemy therefore I’m not into declaring my enemy stupid. She doesn’t make sense to you and I however to her base of useful idiots… who knows? Her base are NY liberals who voted for Hillary. She has two years to make a name for herself with socialists and there maybe more socialists than we are aware. The fact that she even was elected is ……?????

      I remember when we heard absurdities 30-40-50 years ago many of us said (me included) … Naw… Never happen in America!

      She is a community organizer and we elected one already!

  3. Need to report that I was banned from ABC news website! It’s like receiving a National Defense Ribbon after six months in the Army at 17 years! I’m so proud! Laughing!

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