Dem Leader Maxine Waters Smears Jeff Sessions With Zero Evidence


Maxine Waters, the Democratic “rock star”, called Attorney General Jeff Sessions a “racist” and a “throwback to the days of Jim Crow” based on nothing.

Jim Crow laws were Democrat Party laws to be clear. The KKK was the Democrat Party and included such Democrat notables as Al Gore’s father and Senator Byrd.

“I think [Sessions] is a racist and I think he absolutely believes it’s his job to keep minorities in their place.” She added that Sessions would like to go back to the days of segregation.

This was during an appearance Monday on The Washington Post podcast Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart. She went through her endless list of smears with nothing to back up one thing she said. She’s absolutely without any character whatsoever.

This is what the Democrat Party is now. Any lie will do and they won’t stop at impugning the character of innocent people.

As evidence of Sessions’ racism, Waters cited an instance where girls in traditional southern dresses greeted Trump and Sessions during the transition period. Waters’ implication was that Sessions and Trump enjoyed the clothing because it reminded them of slavery. The group, “The Azalea Trail Maids,” wears colorful traditional dresses to events.

The South is no longer allowed to enjoy any of their cultural heritage.

In this audio clip, she brings up Sessions’ 30-year old KKK joke as if he was serious.


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