Dem media pushes another candidate since 500 people in Iowa like him


Stocks closed on record highs today, the economy is booming, trade talks are looking better, and we have a shot at peace between Kurds and Turks. All’s right with the world and that’s making Democrats miserable.

Democrats don’t have a candidate. All of their candidates chose to go far-left and those are not winning issues for the majority of Americans who love their freedom. Meanwhile, Trump is doing quite well.

Quid Pro Joe has serious issues and Elizabeth Warren is pitting socialism against capitalism. Warren can’t stop herself from lying and making extreme demands. Her latest is that all illegal alien transgenders must be released into the interior immediately. Why? This weekend, she threatened Israel and claimed she could make our wealthiest Americans pay for everyone’s free PK and college. She’s off her rocker.

The top three candidates are too old and too compromised, so now we’re going to number 4, the younger St. Pete, whose accomplishment as a politician is overseeing a city that is rundown and going nowhere.

The nearly-bankrupt USA Today reports that St. Pete Buttigieg [son of a famous communist professor] is SURGING. He JUMPED 7 percentage points. Chris Wallace is pushing him again on his Sunday show.

He was seen as a long shot but no longer, says USA Today and a slew of other leftist news sites.

A Suffolk University/USA TODAY Poll found that he is within striking distance of the top Democrat contenders in the Iowa caucuses.


The poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, put Biden at 18%, Warren at 17% and Buttigieg at 13% among 500 likely Democratic caucusgoers.

It’s only 500 people!!!

National Review says he presented himself as a more moderate candidate. That statement is disinformation. He is very far-left.

Not everyone agrees he is the new Democrat champion, but there are definitely a lot of people making something out of almost nothing. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the third-most-popular 2020 candidate among Democratic caucus-goers in Iowa, according to the media, but what they don’t tell you is it means almost nothing when you’re talking 500 people in Iowa.

They’re really reaching with this one. They can lie to us all they want and spread whatever misinformation they desire but it won’t change the fact that they don’t have a candidate.

St. Pete, has a city in shambles and most don’t give a hoot about the fact that he’s a gay married man. What does that have to do with his qualifications? Who cares? His constant virtue-signaling is also annoying.

The sanctimonious young socialist is going nowhere, with the rest of them.


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