Dem PACs gave fake news BuzzFeed $1.5 million during 2016 campaign


A Twitter user who goes by the name, ‘HRC’s field sobriety test,’ found an interesting contribution to the alleged news service, BuzzFeed. They were given $1.5 million during the 2016 election cycle from Obama PAC, Priorities USA Action and the Mark Kelly/Gabby Giffords, Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC. There is no discernible reason for it.

BuzzFeed pretends to be a news service, and Democrats treat it like a news service, and that makes this pay off interesting. The Twitter user tied it to Fusion GPS and the dossier. The dossier was published in January 2017 and they got hold of it by the end of December. It was shopped around for months so who knows if they had it sooner.

Jeff Dunetz at The Lid has a detailed analysis and brings up an important point. BuzzFeed was the first to come out with the fake news movement [against the right].

The fake news movement was first spurred on by Barack Obama.

By July 1, 2016, BuzzFeed joined the global fake news effort. The fake news movement is really an effort to shut down any opposition to the globalist movement.


As Dunetz points out, the $1.5 million ‘donation’ is so unique that you can search the FEC database and you won’t find any other transactions like it.

BuzzFeed is not listed as a recipient in any other FEC-recorded transactions, from 2007 to 2019. And no other media site like BuzzFeed has received PAC-type bulk payments for ads. BuzzFeed is not even an advertising company.

Go to The Lid for his comprehensive review, but the bottom line is the $1.5 million doesn’t appear to be an ad buy.

The timing of this with the election, Trump smear campaigns, and the fake news movement do suggest a possible connection.

The fake news movement was aimed at damaging Trump with Russia collusion noise.

Dunetz lays out a few other “coincidences” if you believe in them. There is something amiss here.


It would come as no surprise that the so-called news service is getting paid to spread Democrat propaganda. This is the age of yellow journalism and grand scale silencing of the opposition. This just seems like a payoff.

BuzzFeed is in the Democrat Party pocket, payoffs or not. In January of this year, they spread fake news about wrongdoing at Trump Tower. The Buzz had a fake story about Trump telling his former attorney Robert Cohen to lie under oath. That lie was so bad, Robert Mueller had to put out a statement refuting it and the BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith still stood by it.

McCain shared the dossier via his aide David Kramer with BuzzFeed on December 29, 2016.

In May, 2017, BuzzFeed wished Trump would be assassinated.

BuzzFeed even refused to take Republican advertising during the election because of their hatred towards conservatives.

The low-class “news” outlet appears to be more of a smear machine and rumor outlet for Democrats, but we are speculating here.

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