Dem Paradise of LA County Has Fences Popping Up


LA County has miraculously discovered that walls and fences do work after all. The homeless in LA are much like the homeless in San Francisco. They include drug addicts, the mentally ill, Third World nameless people, and criminals who don’t follow basic laws of hygiene and rules of behavior. In some cases, they are poor citizens who can’t get Section 8 housing. The free-wheeling, lawless policies of the left have led to this.

Homelessness is hurting businesses so business owners put up fences to keep the homeless away

There are more than 25,000 homeless in LA’s Skid Row and South Central living in cars, tents and makeshift shelters according to the Guardian. Desperate business owners have erected fences with the sidewalks on the business side of the fence.

The homeless say it’s like a prison. Police came and removed the fences, but more pop up.

There were a lot of businesses putting up barriers but LA County officials make them remove them.

Homeless people told the Guardian that businesses are trying to get them to leave but it won’t work. The obvious next step will be for businesses to leave and the County will look like any Third World hellhole.

A gardening project pushed out homeless in one area because the garden took their space. The county is now looking into it and might make them remove it.

LA County officials want homeowners to build backyard residences or open up their garages for the homeless. That would force the libs to live with the homelessness they voted for indirectly but most don’t want any part of it.

They have problems with homeless defecating on the streets and they had a hepatitis outbreak last year. The homeless hang out in libraries and other trendy spots and can be found in Venice and high-class locales.


There are initiatives and money pouring in but the one thing they won’t do is change their failed policies.

The Obama-Holder prison policies subverted the rule of law. Crimes are decriminalized and that promotes crime.

Violent crimes are reclassified as non-violent which helps the drug dealers and other dangerous criminals. Instead of building prisons, the overcrowding is dealt with by releasing criminals onto the streets where they use the public roads and avenues as toilets.

The two-mile-long stretch of homeless tent encampments in Orange County along the Santa Ana River Trail, littered with human waste and used needles, is becoming a common sight in most California cities. Unlike LA and San Fran, the Orange County authorities are clamping down.

Criminals and drug addicts are getting Section 8 housing, forcing the poor onto the streets.

Criminals who can get out of jail early are:

This is what liberal prison reform looks like.

People in the country illegally in the sanctuary state have cost taxpayers a great deal of money and that isn’t about to improve any time soon. Ideology is more important than common sense and safety in their world.

It is what the Democrats want for the entire country.

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