Dem Party Leaders ‘The Squad’ Are Pushing the USA Towards Anarchy


Instead of worrying about the President calling out anti-Semitic and anti-American communists in Congress, they should take a real hard look at these leaders of the Democrat Party. They have power, don’t let the 4-vote mantra of Nancy Pelosi fool you. It’s not only four communist women.


Everything the President does, especially where it concerns the border, is stopped by Democrats and leftist judges. Hillary is guilty of a number of crimes but Jim Comey exonerated her after AG Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton covertly on a tarmac. We all get called names if we don’t cooperate — racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, sexist, and on and on.

Obama lied to Americans for years about the healthcare and that was okay.

The leftist Democrats flaunt the law and force open borders down our throats and we get to pay for it. We are frustrated and we have no voice.

Many of the illegal immigrants are coming to tear down the USA.


All we have is Donald Trump. The limp-wristed Republicans and jacks who call themselves never Trumpers do nothing. We need to stop this attack on the Founding of the country.

It’s now okay to take down U.S. flags and replace them with Mexican flags. We can rip apart the Founding Fathers who risked everything for freedom.

The Democrats are encouraging Antifa and that’s okay??? CNN is fundraising for Antifa!

Omar compared Israel to Nazis and Soviets and more in her new BDS resolution. Just supporting BDS is anti-Semitic. Omar won’t even say she’s not a communist or pro-al Qaeda. The entire squad supports BDS.

The four of the battalion — Pressley, Omar, AOC, Tlaib — demanded Speaker Pelosi come to them to discuss issues and SHE ANNOUNCED TODAY THAT SHE WILL! They just called her a racist.

If you think they are an anomaly, you weren’t watching the debates with every Democrat candidate insisting on far-left policies, such as reparations, healthcare for illegal aliens, a $4 trillion a year healthcare plan [that’s our budget for a year] that eliminates private insurance, open borders, and so much more.

Let’s not forget they want to abolish ICE and prisons in general.

They are the anarchists you see in Antifa. They hate the USA as is. They will love a communist/socialist USA.

It isn’t about four ‘squad’ members and four votes. Most of the Democrats are progressive caucus members who hate our founding and want to move us to socialism or communism. They need lawlessness, anarchy, first so they can then replace it with their big government control.

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