Dem Pols Won’t Let Dead Bodies Get Between Obama &Their Cash


Another deadly crisis, another opportunity for Dem pols to fill the party coffers with campaign cash, courtesy of their “fundraiser in chief”.   On Thursday, in yet one more unseemly display of indifference to a catastrophic event, Barack Obama spent less than a minute addressing the shooting down of a Malaysian passenger jet before flying up to New York City to raise money for his Democrat brethren.


This continues an indecent pattern of conduct that our impervious president began on 9/12/12.   After spending the previous evening doing nobody’s quite sure what during the 9/11 Benghazi Attack, Obama emerged from the White House, gave some brief remarks in the Rose Garden, and flew off to headline fundraisers in Las Vegas.

Nothing says you care about the murders of Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith like scooting off to a metropolis alternately nicknamed “The Gambling Capital of the World” and “Sin City”.

The overwhelming majority of media remained mum regarding the shameful behavior while Democrats rubbed their greedy little hands together, took their election year cut, uttering not a peep.

April 2, 2014, as yet another deadly shooting incident was unfolding at Ft. Hood, Texas, President Obama was “wheels up” for two Chicago fundraisers. In between events that would rake in just under $1.5 million, the prez took a couple of minutes to make a statement.

A full week later the Commander in Chief dropped by to pay his respects to those murdered. That delay wound up with a big payoff because 90 minutes after the ceremony Obama joined Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in Houston, where the threesome met people willing to donate anywhere from $16,200 per person to $64,800 per couple to Democrat House and Senate campaign committees.

Crickets from virtually all reporters. Dem pols could only be heard sucking the “mother’s milk of politics” from Obama’s bursting money tit.

When President Obama headed to Colorado and Texas to chase some dollars, have a couple beers, shoot some pool, and eat some barbecue it should have surprised no one when he said he wouldn’t be making a trip to the Lone Star State’s border.

Forget the human tragedy along the Rio Grande. Never mind, maybe shaking hands and saying thank you to the people trying to do the impossible by controlling chaos. Obama was reserving his heartfelt “Thanks!” to Texans handing over big bucks, not those exposed to scabies, lice, bacterial pneumonia,

Some in the media took uncomfortable notice, while even several members of his own party publicly complained. We must note, however, none of the latter mentioned said they’d refuse their share of the loot.

And now we come to the latest chapter in an unfolding story of narcissism that seems increasingly surreal. On the same day, 7/17/14, almost 300 innocents were blown to bits from what most certainly appears to be a Russian supplied missile, fired by Putin trained killers, Barack Obama headed off for two fundraisers in New York City.

During that same time, not even Israeli ground troops pushing against Hamas in Gaza, could keep Barack from an apartment in the Upper West Side where he met elites willing to fork over $32K each for the House Majority PAC.

A reliably fawning media mostly left unreported that Obama was in the Big Apple glad handing for dollars, while pro-Russian thugs were pilfering/contaminating the crash site/crime scene, and Gaza was in flames.

House and Senate Democrats dutifully followed their news peeps. Our last google search of “Democrat politicians criticize Obama’s fundraising trip to NYC after airline shoot down” produced not one single link!

If there was any hope Obama’s absolutely indefensible actions might bring a patriot/statesman forward from his morally bankrupt party, the smell of money before an approaching election has snuffed it out.

It stands to reason that when really bad behavior goes unpunished, or even worse becomes rewarded, you’re going to get lots more of it. The complete callousness with which Barack Obama literally flies away from horrific tragedies and to fundraisers is only matched by the shamelessness of Democrats so thirsting for elected office they refuse to let even let horrific crises and dead bodies get between Obama and their campaign cash.

Throw these soulless bums out.






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