Dem Rep Admits ANTI-SEMITISM Isn’t “Views of Everybody”


Democrat Rep. from California Katie Hill won her seat last year thanks to a new Democratic scheme called ballot harvesting.

As one of the new Democrats, she was asked on Fox News Sunday about Rep. Ihan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments. Hill told Chris Wallace that being anti-Semitic is not the priority of the entire Democrat caucus.

There you have it. Not all Democrats agree on anti-semitism. She wants to accept the anti-semitism and move on. “…you can’t control peoples’ speech. Each person has their own priorities and their own opinions and we have elected a lot of strong-willed and very opinionated people so I think what we have to figure out is how to say ‘okay this isn’t the views of everybody’. These are not the priorities of the entire caucus but how do we maintain focus on our agenda as a whole and you know it demonstrates that this is not indicative of what our agenda is completely — all right?”

It’s not COMPLETELY their agenda.

This is quite stunning. They are openly accepting anti-semitism.


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