Dem Rep Who Hasn’t Held a Town Hall This Year Attacks GOP, “It’s Coming Home to Roost”


Democrat Representative Joe Crowley, who hasn’t held a town hall this year,  attacked the GOP for it and said,  “It’s Coming Home to Roost”.

“It’s coming home to roost. I think many of the tactics that were used during the debate period on the Affordable Care Act, when members were going back to their districts and I felt it back in my own district in terms of a turnout and those who were disruptive at those town halls and those congresses on your corner which I also had as well outdoors, similar to what Gabby Giffords had done back then. Listen, violence and threatening is not welcome anywhere.”

“What you are seeing is a reaction to what they are attempting to do, and that is to unwind the Affordable Care Act without replacing it. They want to repeal it without replacing it. And what they are hearing is just how difficult that is to do and what impact it’s going to have on people’s lives. That’s why they are having this reaction. It’s organic. Democratic Party has never been good at putting together marches. We can’t take responsibility for the March on Washington in 1960s, or credit for it. We can’t take credit for the Women’s March nor the immigration rallies that are taking place. These are very organic. And the same thing with these town halls. They are organic town halls and that’s why they are so uncomfortable.”

There is nothing “organic” about these town halls and he blatantly lied. To say the left isn’t good at organizing marches is absurd. They also stage marches, protests, riots and have been doing it for a hundred years.

The astroturf groups are being organized by Obama’s, Organizing for America (OFA), and the closely affiliated and Soros-tied, Indivisibles.

The OFA is Obama’s scheme to destroy Donald Trump’s presidency and preserve his Marxist legacy. The former president is planning the overthrow of the President’s agenda and half the nation is applauding his sedition.

One of the tactics they recommend is to flood town halls to disrupt them. In many cases, these people who show up aren’t even constituents, and in all cases, they are the people who didn’t vote for him in the first place.

The Indivisible Team organized by Hillary supporters and Soros toadies, has issued a manifesto also calling for the flooding of town halls.

It’s explains how to organize to destroy every townhall, and every effort by the GOP and the President. It’s very aggressive.

They compare themselves with the Tea Party, but, in fact, very few town halls were disrupted by the right and they weren’t Alinsky-style attacks.

#Resist is another MoveOn endeavor forming groups via Facebook — everywhere. On Long Island, they’re in most towns. They’ve organized the left, every single leftist person.

The goal at the moment is to preserve Obama’s legacy ObamaCare. More than 80% of the people on ObamaCare are subsidized. The free care — Medicaid — has been greatly expanded. All freebies! Exactly what one does in a Fascist or Communist state.

Democrats are having pleasant town hall experiences.

Look at what is going on in Long Island because it’s going on everywhere.

One Long Island Democrat congressman Tom Suozzi had a peaceful town hall because of the extremists who were present. His supporters at the meeting included: Code Pink, Planned Parenthood, Soros’s MoveOn [they’re communists by the way], the Indivisibles, ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, and hard-left leftist Democrats of all stripes. These people are not representative of the majority of voters.

Soros’s MoveOn is very active. This is one email that went out to MoveOn members:

Dear MoveOn Member:

This Sunday night, at 8 p.m. ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT), join MoveOn and allies for Ready to Resist: Emergency Call #3 to hear from the mayor of Minneapolis Betsy Hodges and United We Dream’s Cristina Jimenez about how cities and towns can be the frontlines of resistance to Trump, share strategies for the week ahead, and prepare for “Resistance Recess,” when we will directly address members of Congress who will be back home from D.C.

Listen as he introduces the extremists in the first fifteen minutes. This is going on throughout the country. Every group is Progressive – very far-left. Lots were Indivisibles.

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