Dem Rep Says Congress Is Like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran for Not Hanging Cops as Pigs Painting


Rep. Jamie Raskin is making a name for himself as yet another outlandish Democrat for comparing Congress with Iran and Saudi Arabia for not hanging the cops as pigs painting.

“One reason why the Supreme Court says you can’t censor art is because art is polysemous. It means it’s open to possible significances. Who’s to say what this painting means or one which would be censored under the principles that are being advanced here because it’s sensationalistic where it deems it contemporary controversial.”

I think we know what this painting means Raskin. It’s inflammatory.

Painting hanging in the MO capitol depicts police as pigs terrorizing poor African-Aemricans.
Painting hanging in the MO capitol depicts police as pigs terrorizing poor African-Aemricans.

The silly man then compared Congress with Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Iran for not hanging the painting demeaning cops. “It’s not Iran! It’s not Iran!,” he said.

“What art doesn’t deal with contemporary controversy? It doesn’t make any sense what they’re saying. I think that the majority should really rethink whether it wants to be in the business of censorship. This is not Russia. This is not Azerbaijan. This is not Saudi Arabia. This is not Iran. This is the United States of America. People have the right to paint the painting that they want. If you don’t like the painting you go to the next painting.”

That’s true. People can paint whatever they want but it doesn’t HAVE to be hung in Congress either.

I know, let’s put up a painting of Maxine Waters next to James Brown. It’s open to interpretation.

How about hanging a painting of Black Lives Matter members dressed as wild boars beating cops? It’s free artistic expression after all and who knows what it means.

The left loves to come up with all these explanations for their offensive art like Piss Christ and elephant dung Mary.

The Democrats suddenly love the First Amendment! That’s rich.

They also like to use hyperbole and to over-think everything.

This painting is against the rules for hanging art in the Capitol hallway.

Rep. Hunter said: “It doesn’t belong in the U.S. Capitol. It’s that simple. It violates the rules of the art competition. You cannot have offensive things in the competition and this does.”

He said the rules do not allow paintings with “sensationalistic” subjects or those that depict “contemporary political controversy.”

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