Dem Rep Says Illegals Come to Mow Our Lawns Since Our Kids Go Into Robotics


New Jersey’s Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski appeared every bit the arrogant elitist when he told a receptive audience that we need illegal immigrants to “mow our beautiful lawns.” His audience laughed along with him as he noted they were going into “robotics for goodness sake.”

He is running for a second term and blathered the remarks at a “coffee with your congressman” event in a wealthy suburb on Tuesday.

“There are a lot of jobs in our community, that like it or not, for better or for worse, Americans are not willing to take,” Malinowski said in a video obtained by the Washington Examiner. “Who do you think is taking care of our seniors? Who do you think is mowing our beautiful lawns in Somerset County?”

“We don’t usually ask, but a lot of those workers are undocumented. There are just not a lot of kids who, sorry, from Montgomery High, who are going to be doing that full time. You guys are going into robotics, for goodness’ sake,” Malinowski continued.

Someone in the crowd said they were going to work at Code Ninjas, a company that teaches children how to code.

“You work at Code Ninjas — exactly,” Malinowski responded. “You’re a bunch of elitists! You’re not going to mow lawns.” All laughed.

Good grief!  They won’t be laughing when illegal aliens learn to code and take their jobs. They are very elitist.

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