Dem Rep sends aides to Mexico to teach foreigners to game the system


The National Border Patrol Council’s El Paso chapter and CBP personnel informed The Washington Examiner that members of Democrat Rep. Veronica Escobar’s staff have been working with the local Catholic diocese. They are allegedly interviewing thousands of migrants in Juarez recently looking for asylum seekers who were turned away by Customs and Border Patrol for not having a legitimate case.

Rep Veronica Escobar

Escobar and her allies are among those who are ruining our lawful asylum system. We don’t need new laws, we need to enforce the ones we have. Theirs is yet another effort to end the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy.

A senior union official has shared evidence gathered by CBP personnel with the Examiner. He said, “What we believe is happening is Veronica Escobar’s office is going … to basically second-guess and obstruct work already done by the Border Patrol.”

This Is How They Do It

A CBP official explained the “Remain in Mexico” policy, the Bilateral Migration Protection Protocols, requires the people sent back to Mexico be able to speak Spanish. As a case in point, they have one Central American who is literally pretending s/he can’t speak Spanish although this person was communicating in Spanish days earlier. People who didn’t have health issues suddenly have health issues.

The union representative told the Examiner, “They’re going over there and manufacturing a lot of these issues.”

A second official said they are finding loopholes to send them back.

All of the officials are concerned the “interviews might be used to suggest the Border Patrol is wrongfully turning away a large number of asylum-seekers.”

Former federal immigration judge Mark H. Metcalfe said: “The involvement of Escobar’s office was likely more of a stunt than a genuine threat to the integrity of the process.”

If Escobar is complicit in telling people to make false statements, she could be a criminal.

A DHS Official Told the Examiner:

“Democrats, nonprofit organizations, and 2020 hopefuls are furious that these migrants are not allowed to await their court dates in the U.S., where they have the opportunity to disappear and slip into the interior never to be seen again.”

By opposing a system that assists migrants and speeds wait times, these individuals are exposing a cause that is more political. Any efforts to subvert and obstruct federal law enforcement operations should receive a full review, he concluded.

According to the Examiner:

In one incident, an Escobar aide and diocese official walked a male migrant over the bridge in June and asked for him to be admitted into the U.S. because they had found he had “cognitive disabilities.” Officers took the boy and turned the case over to the Border Patrol, where an agent found a Constituent Information and Privacy Release Form with the U.S. House of Representatives seal on it inside the 17-year-old’s file. Two officials said the paper would have to have been put in his file while he was interviewed in Mexico and was not supposed to have been left there because it would reveal to the Border Patrol that a member of Congress or their staff was meeting with migrants in Mexico.

The boy has since returned to Mexico because the medical condition was not diagnosed by a medical professional but by an aide of the congresswoman, one official said Friday.

“Management saw that form and was like, ‘What is this?’ and reached out to our International Liaison Unit. And ILU said, ‘Yes, Veronica Escobar and several other politicians are in Mexico trying to defeat the MPP program,’” the union said.

In another confirmed case, a female migrant was brought back to the port after claiming to have been raped in Juarez.

There are three other incidents with Escobar’s aides doing exactly the same thing.

If accurate, Escobar is using tax dollars to reverse already-decided legal action. A CBP official said “these people were found inadmissible under a new program and they must remain in Mexico. They’re trying to subvert that.”

Escobar is probably within legal limits but she is very unethical.

Illegals are a protected and privileged class in the U.S. thanks to Democrats and the diocese and other religious organizations. If they are gay or transgender, they are protected even more. It is all at the expense of citizens.

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