Dem Rep’s in a Trump district & will vote against impeachment

Screenshot of Democrat Rep. Collin Peterson who wants to keep his job

Speaker Pelosi can lose 17 Democrats to impeachment and will obviously give many the freedom to vote against impeachment. Perhaps Peterson got the nod from the Speaker because he will not vote for impeachment.

The congressman from Minnesota’s 7th district said he doesn’t believe Donald Trump committed a crime.

Speaking to The Globe on Saturday, Peterson said that barring new information, he will vote against impeachment.

Peterson said he expects 4-5 other Democrats will do the same.

Peterson made the comments while attending the annual meeting of the First District Association, a dairy cooperative in Litchfield.

Peterson said he normally doesn’t make a decision until an issue — and all the information — is on the floor for a vote but said “unless they come up with something between now and Wednesday,” he will not support the articles of impeachment.

“Maybe something will change. I doubt it,” he said.

Peterson said Trump “has not committed a crime” and most people in the Seventh District don’t think the US should provide foreign aid, so they are not troubled at all if Trump withheld funds to Ukraine. Peterson also said the case against Trump only includes “second-hand” information about Trump’s questionable phone call.

Peterson said the “biggest problem” he has with this impeachment process is the decision to impeach came first and then they tried to figure out how to make the case.

Peterson expects the House to impeach Trump and he expects an acquittal.

“This is dividing the country for no good reason because he’s not going to be thrown out of office,” he said. “Why are we doing this?”

Peterson wants to keep his seat.



  1. The Democrat leadership has the mentality of Communists. You can trust Communists to be Communists. Several Democrats have indicated if they don’t impeach him he will be re-elected!

    Democrats believe like Stalin; he said, “It doesn’t matter who wins the election, it only matters who counts the votes!”

    The Democrats/Deep State must take Trump out; if not there globalist totalitarian agenda is dead. It doesn’t matter to them what the people want.

    When Impeachment fails they only have one option left: elimination by any means! They will try as they did JFK.

  2. Rep. Peterson: Why are we doing this?

    They are doing this to waste time and taxpayer money, and make it more difficult for Trump to accomplish anything.

  3. When the House finally does get around to a vote it will be interesting to see how many dems are going to actually vote in favor of those two very weak articles of impeachment. Not very many of the electorate seems to be in favor of impeachment, and Rep. Peterson is very much interested in keeping his seat. It looks as if Speaker Pelosi is also, because she apparently gave him the nod.

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