Dem Rising Star Stacey Abrams Calls for Revolution Against Whites


Stacey Abrams, the rising Democrat star, wrote a long Communist manifesto calling for a revolution against whites in her 22-page essay written for Foreign Affairs last Friday. She is one of the New Democrat Party leaders who use identity politics as a cudgel to tear us apart while pretending it will unite us.

Incoherently, she writes, “the less we have in common the more united we will be.” Most of her article is illogical and dishonest. It’s entirely vile as she calls for all the identity groups to overthrow the only people left out of her purported victimized classes — whites.

As you read this, understand this is what the Democrat Party wants for you and for this nation.

Abrams was chosen by the Democrat Party to give the rebuttal to the State of the Union so make no mistake her hard-left ideology is the direction they have chosen.


The icon of the new left is dividing America into groups based on identities including race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and even disability status. The only thing that matters is the ability to claim a trait that blesses one with victimhood status.

The only worth is victimhood and a special identity, not hard work, intelligence, commitment, or talent, is what makes a person an entitled, worthy person. It is what grants people a government special status, benefits, and respect.

Many of these groups she mentions are not marginalized and never were. Whites, in general, don’t see them as victims. Immigrants and Hispanics, for instance, don’t see themselves as marginalized which is why the left goes to illegal immigrants.


Tucker Carlson discussed her article on his show.

He gets to the essence of her article, ‘Identity Politics Strengthens Democracy.‘ Carlson said on his show Wednesday evening, “…if you want to understand what the Democratic party seeks for this country you ought to read the piece.”

“Abrams spends the bulk of the piece calling on what she describes as the ‘marginalized’ to unite against the ‘dominant groups,'” he explained.

“So who is marginalized and who is dominant?” Carlson asked. “It’s not a small question, in the scheme of identity politics it is the only question that matters. Everything rides on who was the victim and who is the oppressor, that’s the entire equation. And Abrams spells out the answer in very clear language. The marginalized, she writes, include “women, Native Americans, African-Americans, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.”

“The dominant are [sic] everyone who is left, so do the subtraction,” Carlson concluded.

“That’s only one group, you know exactly who they are and so does Stacey Abrams. She says these people, these unnamed people, are responsible for the suffering of everyone else and we need to overthrow them. She uses the language of violence and war to describe what must come next: “politics is the most effective method of revolt.”

“Revolt. People get hurt in revolts, that’s the nature of revolts. Stacey Abrams knows that she wants one anyway, she doesn’t hide it. Demagoguery like this would make a kind of sense if your only interest was in winning elections and you didn’t care about what happened afterward, that’s where Democrats are right now.


  • “We are all immigrants”–The Progressive, 4/1/18. Stacey Abrams says that “immigrants are marginalized”, among other groups. If we are all immigrants, and all marginalized, then doesn’t it stand to reason that none of us is then marginalized, and therefore your “revolt” is already dead in the water because even the so-called “dominant groups” can claim “marginalization” under your logic? Progressivism–where nothing makes sense and the rules change every day.

    • Turn your country over to Mexicans, you get Mexico. Turn it over to Africans, you get Africa. I don’t hate those places. I just don’t want to be those places.

  • People want to divide by race, ethnicity, and economic status. They want revenge by political control.
    Never forget that this country was founded on a new political concept, i.e., the goal of equal political rights. The ONLY justification for gov was to protect that goal. It does the opposite, e.g., gov is the chief violator of rights. And it lies about it or admits it and justifies that treason as necessary to provide greater rights for the majority, as if there were individual rights and collective rights. There aren’t!
    We are being played off against each other for the benefit of the authorities. The gov is NOT our gov. It is a club of parasites sucking us dry. It survives by “divide and conquer”, confuse and defraud, rule the citizens by enducing fear with misdirection. Our enemy is the state, not each other.
    Unfortunately, “we the people” self-enslave, worship being told what to do, believe we deserve and need to be ruled, Why? That’s what we were taught by our rulers since childhood. Could the people who tell us they protect us be frauds? Could they be the enemy? If so, why would we keep supporting them? Are we delusional?

    • Whites must pay for all. Gov will suck your tax money. Bend over and pay. Once the money is gone you’ll be gotten rid of. No legacy, no parks, no natural resources for your White skinned descendants. Hope you grandkids aren’t White cause they will be hunted in future USA.

      • Feel free to move to Africa. You won’t though, because you want the benefits of living in a White first-world environment. You need us. We don’t need you. Always remember that.
        If your race has not created a first world civilized society for itself on its own, you and your race do not belong in the ones other races have created.

  • Blacks are 13% of the populous and she talks about taking on Whites? Her STUPIDITY is shining brightly. Whites have most of the arms, Not all, but most. THAT IS ENOUGH? BRING ON MORON!