Dem ‘Rock Star’ Maxine Tells Blacks to ‘Play the Race Card’, Keep Calling Whites Racists


During a Congressional Black Caucus town hall on civil rights, Democrat ‘rock star’ and certifiably insane Maxine Waters called for black people in the United States to become more divisive and confrontational. That’s the same call that came from hack Marxist John Lewis at the same town hall. Perhaps they wrote their speeches together.

Mad Max argued that they should do more to start trouble. She also suggested that anyone disagrees with her and her band of leftists are racists.

She referenced Black Lives Matter, a violent Marxist hate group, which Maxine supports. While she’s living comfortably in her mansion with her millions, she’s telling these young people to start trouble as opposed to getting an education, becoming self-reliant, and making the country a better place.

“Let’s work with people who have the passion and you want to do it and to understand how important it is. There are plenty of them in our community but guess what? We don’t associate with them because we think they are too controversial.”

“Black people, you better get controversial. You better be controversial. You had better call it like it is. We have been shut down because others have defined us. When they said to us about 10, 15 years ago, oh, she’s playing the race card. You should say yeah, and I’ve got a lot more I’m going to play.”

“Don’t run away from it. That’s what happens. We stop calling a racist a racist because they said that that’s all you do. You don’t do anything else. Don’t let these people intimidate or scare you. You’ve got to get in the fight, and you’ve got to be in the fight to make some sacrifices, to understand when you’re winning, to continue to work, come to make things happen.”

“And I want to tell you, it is time to take off the handcuffs. It’s time to get in it. It’s time to call it like it is.”

Does anyone believe they are handcuffed?


  1. Truly shameful. Lewis same thing. Instead of telling these ‘kids’ to buckle down, work hard, study hard, make something of themselves, contribute to society, develop skills and expertise that have value in this country so they can make a good living and care for their families … no. Protest. Fight. Argue. Call names. Burn things down.

    What does that show anyone? Nothing except they’re worthless to this society. What does it do for them? Nothing … but make them intellectual cripples who can offer nothing and will be forever poor. Not because they didn’t have opportunities. They have time like the rest of us.

    Truly shameful. But I suppose this is how they keep blacks poor and dependent, and slaves of the Democratic party. Unable to think, reason, learn, study, become something of value in this world to themselves, and the ones they love.

  2. Rock star – more like dumber then a rock these politicians are so wrong your will be forever lost in a cloud of ignorance with them.

  3. I saw some of this on c-span, she went on to trash Ben Carson, she said Ben Carson is what her mother would have called an educated fool??? well guess what Maxine your what my mother would have called an un-educated fool, along with all the people that support your BS and vote for you!!!

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