Dem Senator Suggests Conservative Sites to Be Purged to Save the ‘Democracy’


Leftist Senator Chris Murphy tweeted, “Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.”

He is talking about conservative websites, not Sarah Jeong who hates whites, cops and President Trump. Jeong was just hired to sit on the NY Times editorial board.

Did you know that if leftists say your speech is ‘hate’ speech, they can remove you from the Internet? Hate speech is any political speech or any speech they disagree with. That appears to be what is going on.

While the private companies can do as they please, they have enormous power, more than the government in some respects. This needs to be addressed. Break them up.

Think about this, a sitting senator said this is the beginning. He’s saving “our democracy” [we’re a Republic] and this elitist is showing signs of being a Stalinist.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted: “A Democrat Senator openly admitting that Big Tech’s censorship campaign is really about purging all conservative media. How long before Big Tech and their Democrat friends move to censor and purge , and other conservatives voices from their platforms?”


Infowars is being targeted by all the tech giants who are removing the Alex Jones site from their platforms. MMFA is now aiming their wrath at Periscope for continuing to host the website.

On Monday Facebook permanently banned the Infowars page.

Since Sunday, YouTube, Apple’s iTunes, Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook have banned Jones for violating their content policies. Twitter and Periscope, however, have not taken action against Jones.

Mail Chimp has banned their email. The left is hitting at the infrastructure that funds the Alex Jones channel.


Twitter is suspending Libertarians. They’re anti-war, so what’s the problem? They are also fairly liberal.

Zerohedge reports that on Monday, Twitter suspended the editorial director of Scott Horton, former State Department employee Peter Van Buren, and Dan McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute.

Vox just joined in.

The Democrats are morphing into Stalinists before our eyes.

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4 years ago

Disqus has now terminated service with any Alex Jones websites.

I’ve listened to a Host of individuals who say they never listen to Jones, never have even clicked on his site, YET have an opinion on What he says. This is conclusive evidence why those on “TV” aren’t credible.

The vast majority of what Jones talks about is “Globalism”.

4 years ago

Harold, I would say that is a fruitless endeavor.

4 years ago

Ezra Levant made the point that Jones should immediately sue because there was a recent Supreme Court case about preventing emails and the decision was unanimous.

The talk about “private companies” is misguided because Bell had a monopoly on “wired communications” and even “wireless”, namely mobile telephones that became more popular in the 60’s. They weren’t “protected” as a “private company”. The idea of a private company Ended with Teddy Roosevelt. All those who use “private company” rhetoric would also have to be against any and all Government intervention, including any and all regulations. Would they go that far.

What prompts Government intervention is when a Company becomes so large and predominant that it interferes into the public arena. The reason antitrust laws came into being was the result of corporate control of an industry and takeovers of even the smallest competitors. This was defined as a “monopoly” which interfered with competition and “commerce”. It is ‘commerce’ and the Commerce Clause of the Constitution that allowed the Government to intervene.

Is ‘Commerce’ and Competition applicable to this new industry, “social media”. It Has reached into Commerce when the goal is to suppress the ability for one to ‘engage’ in commerce. It has even reached into the banking institutions, as some have already prevented the use of those services. Commerce can be defined more broadly than just transfer of goods. Since we are in an “Information” era it suggests even words are a commodity. How much commerce is solely based upon “ideas”. This includes the many Think Tanks across all spectrums to even Pundits.

Now, Ezra says a person or business should be able to discriminate on that which isn’t included in the Civil Rights Act, which ‘political’ isn’t included. This is misleading because there IS State law that incorporates more than the that Act covered. Furthermore, the reason a case about a Bakery and other cases could come forward is the confliction of two separate rights and the Courts were brought in to resolve that conflict.

What all this amounts to is the Government, and the Courts, are tasked with “ensuring” the rights of individuals. Given that these ‘few’ Corporations have become “Emergent Sovereigns”, as Will Chamberlain points out, with combined assets greater than only 7 seven nations (2.4 Trillion combined), they are in the category that Began the antitrust actions. This is Not a matter of “protected class” as Ezra says, but a matter of Constitutional Rights. Not ALL speech is political which he uses as a premise. Since Commerce would include Intellectual, in all that entails, then the First Amendment for All is even more a valuable commodity than even physical products. Politicians are the most dependent on this commodity, speech.

Therefore, these “Conservatives” really need to reevaluate their thinking on “private companies” and how that effects a Constitutional governed people. Some have elevated “Corporations” ABOVE the Constitution.

4 years ago

Alex Jones is an Oracle and a seer, despite his perceived ‘crude’ presentation in the minds of many who ‘look’ but don’t see. I have watched Alex Jones and and for years and continue to this day. I support InfoWars by purchasing and using, daily, many of the fabulous products available there. I was first introduced to Alex in 2000 via “Police State 2000.” In my opinion, the occasional ‘outrageous’ antics are an attempt to entertain the audience, which is often successful, while expressing Alex’s understandable frustration, passion and anger about the issues and realities he exposes. Occasionally, Alex goes a little off the rails. Bottom line: Alex is not a hater, racist, etc. as charged. I was posting and attempting to post InfoWars products and links on Facebook and have been SHADOW BANNED by Facebook. I will delete my FACEBOOK account soon. We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes – Psycho (3/12) Movie CLIP (1960) HD

Harold L.Barlett
Harold L.Barlett
4 years ago

Inexplicably you have the icons for many of the social media platforms at the top right of this page so that readers can share this on those social media sites. You should be encouraging readers to disengage from these sites to hit them where it hurts….”in the pocketbook”. Few members equals fewer advertisers equals evil quashed.