Dem Star Says No Soccer Moms, No Middle Class, That’s Not America Anymore


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in an appearance on ‘Pod Save America’ said the Democrats are too old and the Democrat Party needs young Socialists like herself. She falsely claimed the upper middle class doesn’t exist anymore, along with the middle class.

Democrats like to refer to their new “rising star” as “liberal” but she isn’t liberal. She’s a Socialist control freak who is very ill-informed on all political topics.

Ocasio-Cortez dismissed the Democrat elders as too old and included Joe Manchin of West Virginia in the old category.

Their “heyday was in the nineties like you know, kids had Furbies, and parents had like, you had soccer moms and two vans and stuff…[interruption for laughter over the two van comment]…that’s not America anymore”, she said.

In a way, she’s correct, Democrats want a Third World USA and we are headed in that direction.

She also said there is no upper middle class and no middle class.

Her policies will destroy the middle class as we so often see play out in the urban plantations.

Someone needs to explain to her that soccer moms still do exist, the upper middle class is booming and the middle class has grown.

The Urban Institute reports that in 1979, the middle class was 12.9 percent, but today it’s 29.4 percent. The upper middle class is booming, says the Institute.


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