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The ongoing effort to downplay Benghazi and prevent congress from learning what the surviving witnesses had to say has me convinced that the Obama administration was directly involved in events that – if revealed – would cause the President of the United States to be removed from office.  I have no other choice in the matter.

The President has invoked a gag order against any discussion of Benghazi and the classification of such information as top secret, thus preventing even the congress from knowing exactly what was happening leading up to the 09/11/12 attack which left four Americans – including an ambassador – dead and the property pretty much destroyed.

Those witnesses – said to be between 25 and 30 in number – remain sequestered and guarded by federal agents in an action seen as a direct effort to keep the American people, including congress, from knowing the truth about that ill fated diplomatic enclave.

As Kerry Picket writes at, “The truth of the matter is the Americans who survived that attack cannot legally reveal to members of the press or most lawmakers that they were even witnesses to the attack in Benghazi.

According to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, immediately following the attack, the FBI, as part of the agency’s investigation, interviewed survivors of the Benghazi attack.

Bill Bransford, a Washington, D.C. attorney at Shaw Bransford & Roth P.C. who specializes in federal employment law told Breitbart News on Tuesday, “First of all, I’m assuming that most of these people who witnessed the attack, except for the State Department folks, would be intelligence people, and they are not covered by the whistle blower protection laws.”

Bransford added, “They are covered by whatever policies their agency has. An executive order that President Obama issued in the late fall in which he ordered the intelligence community to come up with a more effective whistle blower protection system, which has not yet been developed.

However, as federal employees, State Department personnel must sign non-disclosure agreements. Bransford stressed, “If somebody violates one of these non-disclosure agreements, the consequences could include: interfering with a criminal investigation, obstruction of justice, criminal charges for releasing classified information, and those are pretty serious.”

With the distinct possibility that felony level federal charges could be brought, it’s unlikely that any of those witnesses would dare to speak about what they know, saw and heard.

The President, I’m sure, will cite “national security” as his reason for invoking the gag order and the instant classification of all pertinent statements and investigations as top secret.  However, that shouldn’t preclude congress from knowing the facts and conducting its own inquiry, nor should it prevent those witnesses from testifying behind closed doors at a congressional hearing.  Thus far, a few questions have been asked by congressional leaders, but no answers have been given.


If you’re not reading Doug Hagmann at Canada Free Press, you should!

“As we have seen with such cover-ups as Watergate and the Clinton sex scandal, it is the hubris of those involved in the cover-up that leads to their downfall.  However, no one was murdered in either of those two scandals, and the motives of both did not involve taking a country to the brink of a world war.

The truth behind Benghazi, however, is the key to it all.”

And that truth will come out….eventually.  Why not get the truth out now?

Remember when that amateur video maker was instantly blamed for causing the attack at Benghazi?  I wonder why he’s never even mentioned any more?  That man was served up by the Obama administration on a platter to become the scapegoat for this entire mess.  He has long since been forgotten.

It’s high time for the loyal opposition to demand full accounting regarding Benghazi.  And don’t expect much help, if any, from the MSM.  They’re complicit in sustaining the cover up by the Obama administration because he could be impeached – depending on the facts – and that does not fit their political narrative.

Don’t you yearn for the day we had a professional, unbiased and inquisitive media?


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