Democrat Alternative Universe: Neil Gorsuch Isn’t a Legitimate Supreme Court Justice


In the Democrat world, Donald Trump isn’t a legitimate president and Neil Gorsuch isn’t a legitimate Supreme Court Justice. At least that’s their latest desperate attempt to discredit a justice who was very well thought of by Democrats until he was nominated to the Supreme Court.

I hate to see the Democrat temper tantrums when Judge Gorsuch starts handing down decisions and shows how legitimate he is.

Democrats are painting themselves into a corner and will lose all credibility if they continue.

One Utah leftist thinks it’s a shame.

The editor of Think Progress appears to want to start a new movement to equal the illegitimate President movement. That will come in handy when Neil Gorsuch’s decisions are unsuitable to the left.

Russiaphobes now think Neil Gorsuch is in cahoots with the Russians.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards is beside herself.

The Senate Majority Leader deserves a lot of credit. He took all the heat while Merrick Garland was hanging out as a nominee but McConnell held fast. McConnell saved the court for years to come.

I really thought he’d fold and he never did. What a pleasant surprise.

As Mitch McConnell said – hitting at Schumer’s alternate reality – how is Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was just as forthcoming in her confirmation hearings as Neil Gorsuch, considered mainstream–but Neil Gorsuch is not, Townhall reported.

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