Democrat Candidate Wants Youth Forced Into “Service to This Country”


A Democrat candidate from Texas, Beto O’Rourke wants to force youth to serve the state for at least a year. “No kid is going to be rich enough to buy their way out of it,” O’Rourke said.

He wants a bill requiring young people to spend at least a year “in service to this country.” If the Congress can do that, what can’t they force people to do? We’re not at war and in need of conscription.

The Senate hopeful would require “every young person,” regardless of their socioeconomic background, to serve their country in some way whether that be in military service, a medical unit, a teaching unit etc.”

He might have even found a Republican to support this service to the state idea.

People applauded him.

It likely didn’t poll well in Texas however because KSAT is reporting that within hours he backtracked.

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Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Damn fine idea, cuz all those kids to whom there was never “NO” will learn something about life, before they head off to Harvard.