Democrat Frontrunner for 2020 Is Michelle Obama


Rush Limbaugh believes the Democrats either crave a Bernie Sanders presidency or they want another Obama. Most, Rush believes, see the hope of the Democrat Party in the wife of the former President.

WND followed up on that thought with the 12 reasons why she is the leading candidate. We won’t list them all here, but the first reason is the obvious one, she leads in all the polls. Other news outlets, in addition to WND, have said the same thing for months, including Washington Examiner and the Hill.

They believe there simply is no one else. Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren can’t compare to Michelle in popularity, youth, and power.

Michelle’s the hit of Twitter, Facebook and the talk circuit. Democrats know that. Then there is the fact that Michelle detests Donald Trump and loves the spotlight.

WND believes she is playing hard to get and nothing will stop her because she loves politics and government. She simply wants to be drafted – she needs it for her ego.

Finally, her political, organizing team is ready to go.

It does sound like the nauseating truth, doesn’t it?


  1. God will forbid the election of another Obama regime. Michelle (Michael) Obama is no more qualified to be our President than is J. Fred Muggs…a trained chimpanzee. Just because this transsexual pre-op gets a blow job from Barack every day doesn’t mean the he/she is qualified for anything other than the loony bin.

  2. America is done with the Clintons, Bushes and the Obama’s , go ahead an run for president Michelle, your toast right out of the gate !!!!! why do you think Trump was elected? America has woken up!!!!!!!!

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