Democrat Icon and Leftist Islamist Keith Ellison Praises Cuban, Russian Healthcare


Keith Ellison is a Democratic icon and deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee. He was recently heard praising healthcare in Russia and Cuba. In line with his blatantly hardcore leftism, he falsely claimed their healthcare is better than what we have in the U.S.. They do it so much cheaper, he added.

Obviously, he hasn’t noticed how the people live in those countries and hasn’t considered how much of their money goes to the government.

Maybe Ellison should move to Cuba or Russia with his family so he can get all that great healthcare. His hardcore views would be more in line with theirs as well.

The radical communist-Islamist has quite a history. He is tied to communist groups, has a history of supporting hatemonger Louis Farrakhan, and is in bed with radical Islamists.

His record has made him a Democrat Party hero who almost won the chairmanship of the DNC. He’s currently serving as the deputy chair to foul-mouthed loon Tom Perez.

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