Democrat “Liberals” Are Exposing Their Racism Against Asians



The so-called “liberals” are actively exposing racist bigotry against Asians. Betsy McCaughey wrote an article and she spoke to Erik Erikson on the Rush Limbaugh show Tuesday about the latest abomination.

Mayor Bill de Blasio is trying to stop successful Asian students from taking so many slots they have earned through hard work at the city’s selective public high schools, such as Bronx Science and Stuyvesant. They are 13% of the population but win half the slots because they study hard to get there and they have parents who work hard with their children to get them there.

De Blasio wants to stop that in favor of less successful black and Hispanic students in what can only be described as racism against Asians. He says it is in the interest of diversity but racism is racism. There is plenty of diversity in New York City where whites and citizens are becoming minorities.

Fortunately, the state has the final say and they are opposed to his plan. However, this is going on in the suburbs of New Jersey, at Harvard and even in universities in Texas.

The bigotry extends to whites but the racism against Asians is most notable because they are overwhelmingly voting for Democrats.

The leftists like de Blasio have taken over the party and what that will mean is a lot less freedom and opportunity. They have the Marxist view that opportunity is given based on outcomes, not performance or effort. It’s a very destructive idea yet it persists.

White American, Black and Hispanic parents need to take a leaf from the Asian parent’s book instead of trying to rig the system because they think they are entitled.