Democrat Sore Losers Object to Certifying Election


Biden brought laughter to the entire chamber when he told the snowflakes “It is over.”

The members met for the official Electoral College vote tally on the House floor and several Democrat members raised objections to protest Trump’s Electoral Vote. The representatives cited Russian hacking, the legitimacy of the election and electors, alleged voter-suppression laws, and the voting machines.

Biden was the adult in the room. That’s not usually the case.

“No debate! There’s no debate,” Biden said.

He explained the House code. It was like talking to a wall. He had to continue saying there was no debate and, finally, “It’s over.” That caused Speaker Ryan to burst out laughing.

This is a funny compilation. They all need coloring books and therapy dogs.

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7 years ago

These are the kinds of people who would seize control of the government if they could.