Democrat Memo Saying Clinton Is Innocent in Uranium One Is Not True


Earlier Thursday a memo was released by Democrats reporting that William Douglas Campbell, the Uranium One/Russian bribery informant, offered no evidence of Clinton guilt in the case. That has been strongly refuted by his lawyer Victoria Toensing.

The Democrats’ memo claimed the FBI informant William Douglas Campbell offered no evidence that the Clintons were tied to Uranium One. They also said the FBI called him an inconsistent and unreliable source.

Mrs. Toensing responded in tweets.

Mr. Campbell’s Lawyer Describes the Testimony

She also appeared on Lou Dobbs show this evening and gave more details about her client’s testimony. Someone is lying.


  1. One of the early stories was that Hillary had no involvement in Uranium One. She approved it, just like she disapproved the pipeline. Hillary’s people always start with outright denials. Another story was that no Uranium left the US. There is paperwork that it did. Another is that Uranium is in oversupply. The US now imports some of its Uranium. She has some of her agents, Rosenstein and Mueller, running legal interference for her. The FBI investigation into the Russian bribery scandal ended suddenly around 2010 when Hillary’s deal was being made. Mueller is at the heart of that coverup. Some of the money coming in was not properly reported. The Foundation was supposed to redo its last 5 years of books but we have no update on that. The IRS leaders were involved in the other democratic scandals to rig elections. It was Sessions that dropped the IRS criminal referrals. So he appears again in an effort to assist in the coverup. If Sessions had pursued action, the IRS leadership would be done, and that could help with revelations about what the Foundation was doing. Sessions is positioned at the heart of the coverups. We may never learn about the money transfers and how the IRS allowed 5 years of bad books by the Foundation. And whatever went on there has nothing to do with Trump. Sessions has no basis to stay out of it.

  2. What else do you think they would say? They will say and do anything to cover for these corrupt politicians. I’ll be curious to see if any charges will come out of all this, including Obama. I have my doubts.

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