Democrat Mob Attacks President Trump as a Racist Over Robert E. Lee


The media and other Democrats flat out lied and edited video to back up the lies for the purpose of falsely claiming President Trump went to the home of Ulysses S. Grant to praise Robert E. Lee’s actions during the Civil War.

They even said he told blacks to honor him.


President Donald Trump spoke in Ohio Friday night and told the story of Ulysses S. Grant defeating Robert E. Lee’s forces during the civil war. The media cherry-picked the speech and claimed he was “praising” Lee because he — Trump — is a racist white supremacist.

Trump was in Ohio, home to General/President Grant and he wasn’t there to praise Lee. He said Lee was a great general — a fact undisputed by historians — and Grant wasn’t seen as a great general but he was still able to defeat the South’s army.


NBC News falsely claimed Trump called Lee “incredible”, but that was a lie. Trump was explaining to the audience that Ohio “gave you a general who was incredible. He drank a little bit too much. You know who I’m talking about right?”

The only general who fits that description of the two is Grant.

The media is either ignorant or willfully malicious or both.

“So, Robert E. Lee was a great general,” Trump said. “And Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia. He couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee.”

Trump then talked about how Lee “was winning battle after battle after battle” and no other general knew “how the hell to win.”

“And one day, it was looking really bad,” Trump said. “And Lincoln just said, ‘You.’ Hardly knew his name. And they said, ‘Don’t take him, he’s got a drinking problem.’ And Lincoln said, ‘I don’t care what problem he has. You guys aren’t winning.’”

He then called Grant a “great general”.

The point was that even someone with significant flaws can achieve greatness and the reverse is also true.

This feeds into the left’s other big lie that the right is racist. The left claims that the right was responsible for slavery and Jim Crow and is still racist. The truth is the Democrat KKK demanded members join the Democrat Party.



  1. Little known historical fact:

    Pretty much everyone has heard of the Cherokee Nation and the Trail of Tears. Do you know what personal item was so important to them that they took it with them? Their slaves.

    Slavery was alive, well and thriving here in the US LONG before Columbus showed up.

    Another point:

    Of the current population, 85% of us (or our ancestors) got here AFTER the “Civil War”.
    Mine came over in 1883, German miners who settled in Pennsylvania.

    So please take your “slavery guilt” and……….lol

  2. The DemocRATic party has degenerated into a mob of vile, vicious, violent, hate-filled thugs. If you want to preserve our Constitution and our freedoms, NEVER vote for a DemocRAT thug again.
    P.S. Why doesn’t that dumber than dumb Congresswoman from Houston, Shela Jackson Lee changer her two racist last names?

  3. The mainstream continues as usual…and as usual they are playing to the low information voter who knows less than nothing and fact checks on SCOPE….to anyone with 1/100th of their brain still intact they come across as beneath contempt…

  4. Lee gave up his slaves BEFORE the Emancipation Proclamation…Grant’s family did not. The Union (read Pres. Lincon) allowed THREE slave states to exist until AFTER the Civil War was over.

    • I imagine most people were but he was opposed to slavery so was Stonewall, although Lee’s wife came from a slave-owning family.

  5. Lee, was a very honorable man. Lee’s response to white students harassing blacks at his college? “He also established an informal code of conduct that led to today’s Honor System. “We have but one rule here,” he wrote, “and it is that every student be a gentleman.” with that he kicked the white bullies out- what an evil racist. College students are too brainwashed to listen to or read ‘the other side’.

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