DEMOCRAT NJ councilman nukes the socialists leading us into “anarchy”


Democratic Councilman Mark Razzoli spoke out against illegal immigration at the July 15th, 2019 Old Bridge, NJ Council Meeting. It’s an amazing speech, especially coming from a Democrat. Democrats keep caving to the far-left.

We always said illegal immigration should not be a partisan issue, but the socialists who have taken over the party are making it about racism.

The New Jersey councilman isn’t buying it and went after the socialist members of the council and N.J. Governor Phil Murphy (also a socialist in every way). The tweet says Inslee, who is just like Murphy, but Inslee is in Washington.

He slammed the socialists for tweeting and advising illegal aliens, and called the sanctuary city policies ‘identity politics’ that has nothing to do with public safety.

Razzoli said when “far-left Democrats ignore laws they don’t like,” they perpetuate “lawlessness” and encourage behaviors that are “reckless” and “irreversible.” As for New Jersey, he thinks it’s on the “slippery slope towards anarchy.”

He also stood up, powerfully, for the sheriffs.

Councilman Razzoli called out the open borders socialists, saying they want “to shame the public into believing that anyone who opposed them are racist or xenophobic haters.”

Please listen to this true American DEMOCRAT put all the socialists in their place.

Speaker Pelosi’s always been a socialist but she fights with the squad because she knows they are moving too fast. But she is one with them.

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