Democrat Open Borders Group Outside ICE HQ Chants, “F*** ICE, F*** Your Walls”


The Occupy ICE movement organized a protest outside ICE headquarters on Wednesday, chanting and cursing in support of open borders as they formed a human chain around the building. There were only about 100 people but some in the leftist media tried to say there were hundreds.

The movement aligns with the Democrat Party platform of open borders. This is what the Democrats have to offer for all Americans — anarchy and open borders.

Alejandra Alvarez of : ‘We don’t believe in politicians’…’Obama played to the Latin community very well… people were like, ‘yes, yes, oh Obama,’ but he was the president who deported more people’.


Members of the movement want ICE done away with completely: “Dismantle ICE, they are the American gestapo,” one speaker said.

“Fuck your borders! Fuck your wall! We will make your system fall!” they chanted.

They joined arms and blocked traffic on 12 W. Apparently, there is not a lot of traffic so the police didn’t bother arresting them.

They stood outside the D.C. headquarters of ICE and eventually disbanded without arrests.

Here is another chant: “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go.” [That would be great for Israel. They would be quickly overrun by terrorists.]

“Quit your jobs”, they chanted.

  • I doubt these people realize who they are against. If the tactics used are as previously engaged in they will not face a local “Magistrate”. Instead they will face a “Federal Judge”. They are not breaking local laws where Police will stand down, but rather Federal Statutes and the punishments are more severe and don’t allow any type of early release. The Federal Statute doesn’t even allow someone to block an entrance, let alone anything of a serious nature.

  • Maybe more should do as I had done yesterday. When I went to the store if anything was marked “product of Mexico” I immediately put it back. I will NO LONGER buy Anything that is labeled a product of Mexico, no matter what, and there are many many products imported from Mexico. This is much easier since the passage of “COOL” Legislation.