Democrat Party Puppet Gloria Allred Under Investigation by State Bar


Update at the end has confirmed that the State Bar of California has opened up an investigation into possible MISCONDUCT by high profile California attorney and anti-Republican, anti-Trump hoaxer Gloria Allred.

They don’t need an investigation – she’s guilty. She is the very definition of misconduct [For the unintelligent leftists out there, this is sarcasm].

It’s hard to believe California is capable of finding her guilty of anything but they are at least investigating.

A letter from the State Bar of California viewed by, states that her case has been forwarded to the State Bar’s Enforcement Unit for further investigation and possible prosecution.

We don’t know what the investigation is about but it probably has something to do with complaints from consumers, or attorneys, or former clients.

The California bar doesn’t send all cases to the Enforcement Unit. “If it appears, however, that the attorney may be a repeat offender or have committed a violation where there is a serious likelihood of discipline being imposed, an investigator and a Bar prosecutor from the Enforcement Unit take over the investigation,” the California Bar’s website states. According to records, Allred has no disciplinary history with the State Bar of California, but experts say the fact the complaint was “taken up the chain” could be significant.

According to a report, the California State Bar received more than 15,000 bar complaints against California lawyers in 2015. Of those, formal discipline was imposed in 990 cases, and 421 lawyers were suspended or disbarred.

With that said, it’s not likely she will get her just desserts but we can hope.

Allred currently has a client named Summer Zervos who is suing Trump but we won’t go into that case. We already have ad nauseam and don’t want to give that obnoxious duo another iota of publicity.


Allred responded, claiming it was a shakedown for money.

Someone has attempted to shake me down by threatening to report me to the State Bar unless I paid him a large sum of money. I have refused to pay this individual any amount of money. I will not be threatened or bullied by false accusations.

The State Bar is required to notify lawyers in the event of any investigation. We have not been notified by the State Bar of any complaint or any investigation.

I have a spotless record with the State Bar in the more than 40 years that I have been an attorney. I have no intention of allowing anyone to harm my reputation by making allegations against me which have no merit.

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