Democrat Socialist Party Thinks They Have a Lock on Congressional Races


According to a generic congressional ballot, the Democrat Socialist party leads Republican rivals by 10.7 percent, according to the most recent RealClearPolitics average of available polling data. That is the best they’ve seen since 2010.

However, while the Hill sees it as “gloomy”, one must keep in mind that the polls and election results often don’t line up. The Hill and Republicans claim it’s President Trump’s sagging approval ratings.

That could be a problem. The press and the uncooperative Democrats trash Republicans and President Trump day and night. Several Republicans in the Senate are either Democrats in disguise or Trump haters and won’t let the Trump agenda – which is the peoples’ agenda – go forward.

“It’s always stupid to make firm predictions in anything, whether it be politics or the Super Bowl. But it seems clear we are heading in a bad direction” said former Republican National Committee spokesman Doug Heye.

“What we’ve seen so far this year that the constant is massive Trump unpopularity, a growing unpopularity, and we are starting to see that electorally. Knowing there’s never going to be a Donald Trump pivot in any sense, what would tell us that anything in this midterm is different?”

Democrats make a big deal out of Virginia’s gubernatorial race which was no surprise given the number of hard-left foreigners they’ve imported and felons they’ve given the vote to. The state is now blue.

Pennsylvania has been voting Democrat which is hardly anything new and it’s hard for a Republican to win when George Soros is pouring money into these races.

In Maine, voters in the more conservative 2nd Congressional District — home to Rep. Bruce Poliquin (R) — narrowly backed a state ballot question on expanding Medicaid, amid protests from Republicans.

Maine has only one conservative district left and that isn’t good.


Heye specifically pointed to some of those results as worrisome for Republicans like him.

“In the legislative races where people don’t necessarily know who they are voting for — they just vote Republican or Democrat, which makes it a semi-generic ballot — we got our clocks cleaned,” he said.

Heye added that the close Senate race in Alabama could send a message in December, too — albeit with a significant caveat considering the sexual misconduct allegations against Republican nominee Roy Moore.

“If it’s election night and Roy Moore loses, we are going to be in the mirror image of when Scott Brown won in Massachusetts, an election after the first wave of elections in the Virginia and New Jersey governor’s races that confirmed there is a very real problem there, ” he said.

The Republicans should stop worrying about Trump’s approval ratings and start worrying about how inept they appear to be since they won’t pass any of the bills that matter. The House passed 384 bills and the senate still has 308 sitting collecting dust.

McConnell won’t even bring the bills to the floor. That’s far more of a problem than Trump.

Meanwhile, Democrats continue to lie about the tax bill, pretending it favors the rich. They will say whatever works.

When President Trump says we don’t need a Doug Jones in the Senate, a man who will be a puppet for Chuck Schumer, he is not kidding!

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