Democrat Star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Out Bashing Israel as Occupiers


The Democratic Socialist [Communist] star of the Democrat Party is anti-Israel and wasted no time calling them occupiers of Palestine. In an interview on ‘Firing Line’, she glibly referred to the ‘occupation of Palestine’, calling it an “increasing crisis of humanitarian concern.”

When asked what she meant by, “the occupation of Palestine”, she hesitated awkwardly and then said she meant the increased settlements. She was clearly struggling to say something substantive, bumbling along. She gave up and laughed, saying “I am not the expert on this…geopolitical issues.”

Indeed. She sounded like she just learned the term, “geopolitical issues”. She is no expert by her own admission but she has a clear and potentially dangerous opinion just the same.

Remember when Democrats were the staunch supporters of Israel? They don’t have to be any longer, so they’re not. As more Muslims immigrate, you will see their new stance more clearly.



  1. It’s rather ironic that Arabs would call themselves “Palestinian” when this word means “foreign invader”. It comes from the Hebrew word Plishtim, aka Philistine.

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