Democrat Strategist Launches #HuntRepublicans, #HuntRepublicanCongressmen


After a shooter in Alexandria left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise in critical condition, critically injured a young lobbyist, and wounded three other people, New Jersey Democratic political strategist Jim Devine celebrated by introducing the hashtags #HuntRepublicans and #HuntRepublicanCongressmen on Twitter.

“We are in a war with selfish, foolish & narcissistic rich people,” wrote James Devine on Twitter. “Why is it a shock when things turn violent? #HuntRepublicanCongressmen.”

Hasn’t he noticed all the Democrats are rich? Hillary, Obama, Jarrett, Holder, all of them.

Is this the new Democrat strategy? They can’t beat Republicans during elections so they’re going to try and get them all killed?

The strategist added later that he couldn’t stand the hand wringing on Fox. Two of the wounded remain in critical condition but why do any hand wringing?

Devine has run for office, consulted for numerous New Jersey campaigns, and worked in the offices of state lawmakers. He blogs a lot as well.

He’s furthering the lie that Sarah Palin was responsible for the Giffords shooting.

He retweeted this lovely comment.

In an interview with, Devine said, “If you want to invite a class war, then you have to expect people to fight back at some point.” The kook also wrote on Facebook that he had “little sympathy” for Scalise because of his lack of support for gun control.

Devine will not apologize. Twitter and Facebook fact checkers haven’t suspended him or questioned his comments. He’s their idea of real news apparently.

“I am sorry if my #HuntRepublicanCongressmen hashtag hurt the feelings of any GOP snowflakes but you have not egaged in civil discourse,” Devine said on Twitter late Thursday afternoon.


In an interview with New Jersey 101.5, Devine admitted his comments were “insensitive.”

“And I don’t care,” he said. “You want me to be politically correct? I don’t have time for that anymore.”

I think it speaks for itself,” Devine said of the tweet on Thursday afternoon. “Yesterday’s events are the result of escalating rhetoric and vitriol that has been evident in our political system culminating with the election of our president and the chickens came home to roost, you know?”

He wants to “awaken others to the vicious political environment.”

He IS the vicious political environment!

Devine’s also a lettuce and hair conditioner thief.

In 2013, Devine was arrested and accused of shoplifting about $22.47 worth of merchandise from a ShopRite store in Linden. A store loss prevention office told police that Devine was observed on surveillance camera placing two bags of lettuce, a bottle of hair conditioner, a container of protein powder in a shopping bag and walking out without paying.

He’s done other illicit things. In December 2007, James Devine, the Union County political operative/newspaper publisher, was arrested for owing $20,000 in child support and alimony.

What a peach of a guy! The kind of man Democrats use to strategize.


  1. All this crap has nothing to do with class war. It does have to do with whiny little pukes that can’t stand the fact that their side lost!! You and your fellow demonrats, actors, so called comedians, and all the main stream media, have been pushing violence since you lost. Even now you are spewing hate and wanting more violence buy your hashtag. GET OVER IT!! You and your side are the ones causing this crap so shut up and suck it up cupcake.

  2. It’s interesting to put things in historical perspective. In the 1860s a “snowflake” was a person who was opposed to the abolition of slavery. In other words, a snowflake was pro-slavery. In the tumultuous 1970s the derogatory term referred to a black who was “acting white.” Now the word generally means someone is fragile or overly sensitive.

    James Devine is a liar and a thief. The definition of those words has never changed.

  3. Looks like Jimmy still has those two bags of stolen lettuce tucked under his shirt. Jimbo must have a rabbit, cause it doesn’t appear he’s doing a whole lot of salads.

  4. If you are a little bit off center and want to practice your target shooting, go visit this creep who rejoices at the killing of other human beings, Not to sweat it, this little slug is not human he is just a bug without any morals or ethics. Step on it/him and go about your way. His name is James Devine and he lives in New Jersey. You really don’t need to shoot him, just step on him and watch the little bug ooz all of the ignorance and hate out of him/it.
    Or maybe you can set him/it up for felony shop lifting, theft, since he has a proclivity for theft.

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