Democrat Wave Now a Progressive Tsunami with “Staggering Funding”


“We’ve been waiting for you,” Barack Obama tweeted to leftist David Hogg and his followers last February. It was a disquieting message backed up by Hillary Clinton’s tweets. It is a message that is meant for the entire Democrat base, not simply the youth at Stoneman High. The Obama-Clinton hard-left is gearing up for, as they put it, a tsunami of Progressive candidates ready to take over the nation’s political offices this November.

Radical Progressives including Hillary Clinton will challenge the so-called blue wave that Democrats expect to take place in the mid-term election. Clinton is a Progressive as she has said. Hillary is whatever will win elections but she has always leaned Marxist. Back in the 1990s when she came up with her almost-Single Payer healthcare plan, she bombed. Later she said the lesson she learned was to implement these changes incrementally. That is what Barack Obama did and it is what the Progressives are doing.

Progressives include some liberals but they are Communist and Socialist-light.

Hillary and billionaire leftists are funding and pushing radicals who look more moderate than they actually are. Many were in the military or the CIA. None wear the hammer and sickle on their lapels but it’s in their hearts.

The political line they will use is Democrats are too establishment, too slow-moving, too patient. The far-left feels it is now time to move ahead. Hillary Clinton, the incrementalist, has joined forces with the hard-left and is pushing for the same agenda — Bernie-light.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee recently assembled a bustling crowd of 450 active progressive candidates for a boot camp-style conference in the nation’s capital. David Brock of Media Matters and the infamous George Soros, along with people like Tom Steyer are behind it. Free Beacon reported on it and on their past manifestos.

The Progressives say Democrats can no longer simply resist, they must stand for these hardcore leftist values and fight for them. It’s sort of a Tea Party for the leftists.

MSNBC, the hate-the-right, channel is picking up on it and has launched a “Dems Divided” series to promote the fake division. There is no division. Democrats have embraced the far-left.

It’s a smokescreen. They are just mustering up hate and chaos to get out the vote. They are telling Democrats they must vote for these hard-left candidates to make change.

Staggering Funding in What Is Described as a Takeover

The funding for Progressive candidates from Soros, Hillary and others has been described as “staggering”. Millions have been spent on elections for even the smallest local elections. That is how the hardcore Fascist left changes the USA.

In both the leaked Podesta and Soros emails, the leftists talk about being poised to take over every level of government and the media. They have a 50-state strategy to infiltrate every area of government at the local and state level. They have a spidery network throughout the United States and they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Hillary and her Onward Together PAC is training and promoting hard-left candidates. Hillary’s PAC has indirectly funded Antifa.

We now see the plan in action.

The Washington Times reported:

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee recently assembled a bustling crowd of 450 active progressive candidates for a boot camp-style conference in the nation’s capital, front-loaded with tutorials about the election process. Organizers Stephanie Taylor and Adam Green vow to turn 2018 into “a tsunami of progressive candidates” with their eyes on the prize.
“Democrats should not just resist. We need to stand for something,” Mr. Green advised the crowd.

MSNBC has picked up on the growing dissatisfaction and has even launched a “Dems Divided” series to cover Democratic discord, along with new evidence of “tea party fervor” among the hundreds of new hopefuls.

“Fervor is right,” MSNBC analyst Chris Jansing said in her account of the conference. “They tell me they’re fired up. This is a literal tsunami of progressive candidates, Hundreds came together to get the tools to win — from intensive training on building a website to fundraising and messaging. Emmy Award-winning writers were helping them hone their stories, all with a common goal: to tell voters ‘We hear you, and we will get things done.’”

Ask me if I give a d@mn about Stormy Daniels or Trump’s faults and I will tell you “no” and it will remain so as long as the hardcore leftists want to take our freedoms. Trump wants to turn the government back to the people. It’s all we have folks.

The Progressives will destroy anyone who stands in their way to make us into statists.



  1. As I wrote, the Republican Party is on a self-destructive course and evidence mounts this is the case. A former adviser to Sen Ben Sasse from the Heritage Foundation stated:

    “I think it is better for consumers and the American people to have as free a space for open dialogue and diversity of viewpoints as possible. … But they’re a private company, and the Heritage Foundation is going to be very clear about a private company’s right to organize and conduct its business as it sees fit.”

    These Think Tanks are the “soul” of the current Republican Party and seem to believe that Government has no role in protecting the people. Would he be so quick to defend the Tech Giants when the Heritage Foundation is removed from the Internet. The case of was confronted by their Domain Hosting company to remove certain content or have their domain itself removed from the Internet. This was literally a threat to “remove” the entire business and end it. This has already been accomplished with the neo-Nazi site “Stormfront” I believe it was called. These were self-described hate sites but realize Trump supporters are referred to in the same manner.

    Let’s not forget the vast majority of Republicans were bought and paid for by Zuckerberg, when he went in front of them and the questioning reflected as much. The Party has little in a ground game as compared to the Democrats. They send out donation requests with surveys that amount to talking points from Heritage. It’s been pretty obvious, for quite some time, that if they just harp on tax cuts voters will flock to them. There’s much more to life than some tax cut. Americans have many more issues than taxes and Republicans are oblivious to those.

    Kitchen goes on to say: “I think right now, we have free speech on these platforms,” said Kitchen. “Just about any political view that you want to have, you can get on these platforms. They certainly have community standards.” I guess he didn’t listen to the hearing with Diamond and Silk or is he aware of the thousands who have been restricted in one way or another.

    The issue with Heritage and their wait and see attitude is it may be too late. The longer you wait the better chance no one will be “able” to contest what is now happening. Trump and the Republicans won in this last election primarily because of social media and no one seems to doubt that. In giving up on THAT fight is asking to come in at second place, which we all know what That means.

  2. The numbers show that the dems cannot take the senate, they will lose more seats. The strategy appears to be to give the dems the House. There is no wave, but there are 2 things in their favor. The first is the usual minority midterm momentum. The second is the anti-Trump actions in the House. They passed a left wing spending bill with democratic votes. It delighted the dems. The House pursues a inhibited set of investigations of the DC corruption due too the bias of the anti-Trump Ryan. Ryan and his club have set up lots of silent resentment among voters. For example, I will not consider voting for my repub rep, he follows everything Ryan wants, has never uttered a word of support for Trump. I consider the loss of the House to be a set up, just as the Mueller with hunt is. The intention is to destroy Trump. Are there any doubt? The Speaker is an avowed opponent of Trump.

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