Democratic Army of Rent-a-Thugs Appear at Colorado Town Halls


When Democrats don’t win elections, they bully Republicans into performing like Democrats. The rent-a-thugs are out in full force at Republican town halls and because the media won’t report the truth, we are all to believe this is grassroots anger. In fact, it’s astro-turf and they are often paid operatives. Many are from out of the area.

Cory Gardner in Colorado had to deal with it at his town halls this week and we have included some clips below. One screaming mimi had the gall to say, “Don’t forget who put you here,” though it’s highly unlikely she voted for him. It’s a ruse.

One screamed like a maniac, “Why are you taking away my healthcare?” That’s one of the sentences repeated over and over in the training for this Saul Alinsky style operative.

Cory did the usual backing down and trashing of the President’s comments as the leftists in the audience wanted and expected.

While most will agree that putting down the hateful Neo-Nazis and KKK who held a rally in Charlottesville is an imperative, why can’t we mention the violent leftists who attack innocent people as well? Why can’t we mention that they are communists and socialists? Because the left says so? There were good people marching in Charlottesville from what we are hearing, but the minority of violent thugs get the attention.

We are also not allowed to bring up the fact that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are promoting these sometimes violent and always disruptive tools to damage Republicans.

It was only yesterday that we reported Hillary Clinton gave $800,000 in campaign funds to her new PAC, Onward Together, to fund these radical leftists who will show up at Republican town halls to disrupt them.

Some of these town halls have become very violent, but for the most part, they simply refuse to allow the Republican politician to speak.

Clinton announced her intent to be “part of the resistance” in May with the formation of the PAC to establish “resistance” groups that can quickly counter President Trump with direct action and protests.

The “Resistance” and “Invidivisibles” will be recipients of her largesse among other leftist groups. Both go to town halls, along with “Organizing” for America reps, only to cause chaos and make the Republican look bad.

As we’ve seen in Project Veritas and other undercover videos, they are rent-a-thugs.

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