Democrats Are 3 Times More Likely to Unfriend You on Social Media


The non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute found that Democrats are three times more likely than Republicans (24% to 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election.

Democrat women are the most likely to block.

The article suggests that reasons could be Democrats are despondent over election results. Another is that liberals and women are targeted by trolls.

It’s hard to believe anyone could be trolled more than Republicans.

We’d like to suggest another – liberals aren’t liberal at all any longer.

The article does point to the fact that people are living in “filter bubbles” – ideological cocoons – possible increasing political partisanship.

We are already there and don’t need a survey to tell us that.

My personal experience told me this before the survey. One of my close relatives, who wrote  letters of love and admiration to Barack Obama, reported me for an unflattering photo of Nancy Pelosi on Facebook as if I could help the way she looks. Then she unfriended me.

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