Democrats’ $50 an Hour Rent-A-Thugs Plan to Disrupt Trump’s Rally Tonight


President Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix this evening. He is going back to talk with the people who voted for him, away from the swamp scum. There are rumors that he will pardon the aging former Sheriff Arpaio. One thing is certain, he will be met with nasty leftists hoping to disrupt his rally inside and out. If they have to beat up people to do it, they will.

The Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, a Democrat, actually criticized President Trump for coming to Phoenix for a rally this evening so close to Charlottesville. He wanted him to cancel because his leftist Democrat minions plan to riot/protest.

Trump had nothing to do with Charlottesville and the mayor has a lot of moxie. The fact that Republicans didn’t support Trump adds to the empowerment of these violent leftists.

Protesters, aka rent-a-thugs, are said to be getting paid $50 an hour to create chaos this evening.

Anti-Trump activists, thanks to Democrat donors, including George Soros, are mobilizing. The Indivisibles, one of the “resistance” groups, is organizing thousands of leftists and they aren’t the only ones getting their lowlifes together.

The Indivisibles is now a “project of the Advocacy Fund”, a progressive group that is funded at least in part by the Open Society Policy Center, an arm of Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

The list of leftist groups attending range from open borders groups to socialists to communists. A couple groups for Trump will also attend.

  • Puente Human Rights Movement
  • Never Again: Jews and Allies Against Hate Rally
  • Unity March Against Hate and Bigotry
  • Arizona Stands
  • Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa)
  • Cosplayers Against Hate
  • Democratic Socialists of America – Phoenix
  • AZ Resist
  • Desert Progressives
  • Students for a Democratic Society, Arizona State University
  • The leftist Phoenix John Brown Gun Club might come armed

Left-wing activists have organized four events against Trump on Tuesday, culminating in one massive protest at the rally. That protest will be “lead by every organization and individual that does not support President Trump,” according to Indivisible’s Phoenix branch.

The Bikers for Trump said they plan to be at the rally to protect the Trump supporters. The Phoenix chapter issued a call to action. Stand for Patriotism and Young Republicans will also come in support of the President.

Numerous notable Trump supporters are reporting ads for up to $50 an hour for rent-a-thugs.

At about 6:30, supporters were chanting as they lined up.

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6 years ago

Soros is not the only one. Hillary’s campaign recently donated $800,000.00 to them which she calls ‘resistance’, the Ford Foundation and Apple is also donating. Then you have the ultimate community agitator and organizer Obama hiding behind his walled mansion taking part dispatching the paid anarchists.
When you look at the Charlottesville organizer Jason Kessler you will find that he is a Obama supporter, voter and organizer who played a large role in the Occupy movement.
He clearly posed when claiming to stage a ‘Unite the Right’ rally which was nothing but a false flag where the LA Crowdsourcing Co also recruited paid protesters for $25 per hrs plus paid expenses. These hired protesters were tasked to pose as Na$$s and white supremacists joining leftwing Jason Kessler. All these ads are always on craigslist. Just check and you can tell what they plan next hired these paid goons.

6 years ago

Perhaps we should stop this at its source, G Soros. Seems to me he must be breaking some law.

Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
6 years ago

All part of Soros’ new initiative, “Democracy Spring,” a knock off of the Arab Spring. Now that he has the EU squarely on the road to disaster from his OpenBorders/OpenSociety endeavors, Soros has turned all of his attention to destroying America with riotous civil unrest.