Democrats Applaud a Condescending, Not Believable Peter Strzok


The hearing on Capitol Hill with Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok became very heated on a number of occasions Thursday. After one such fiery back and forth, and after Peter Strzok dodged Trey Gowdy’s questions, he defended his hateful anti-Trump behavior and texts. Strzok claimed it never influenced his investigation into either Trump or Hillary.

Keep in mind that Strzok admitted he changed the wording about Hillary’s email investigation from “Grossly Negligent” to “Extremely Careless.” That let Hillary off the hook legally.

Another point, a little off topic, Strzok repeatedly referred to the country as a ‘democracy’, not a ‘Republic’.

He answered the question of bias in a self-righteous tone, dragging the entire FBI into it.

“The suggestion that I in some dark chamber in the FBI would somehow cast aside all of these procedures — all of these safeguards — and this is astounding to me,” Strzok said, “It deeply corrodes what the FBI is in American society, the effectiveness of their mission and is deeply destructive.”

No one blames the good FBI agents, but Strzok was a high-level operative.

Strzok’s twisted facial expressions, self-righteousness, and practiced angry reactions are disconcerting.

At the end of that statement, Democrats actually cheered. These are the same Democrats who hate law enforcement and want to abolish ICE. They are very partisan and do not want to get to the truth.

It’s hard to believe Democrats would show their partisanship so brazenly but they did. After the response, Rep. Swalwell asked to subpoena Steve Bannon. Swalwell is rarely on point.

Democrats raved about Strzok as a “patriot”, “courageous”, and they want to give him a “Purple Heart”.

Strzok would not give investigators access to his personal email account and Rep. Issa asked him about that, followed by having Strzok read some of his awful texts. Strzok was nasty, arrogant, and, mostly, condescending.


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