Democrats’ Biggest Donor Picks The Party’s Best Leader for 2020


Leftist environmentalist Tom Steyer hopes to steer the Democratic Party further left. The California hedge fund billionaire spent $95 million on the last election and holds a lot of clout. For those who were hoping the Democrats would move towards the center, this will be a disappointing recommendation from a leading member of the [hard-left] Resistance movement.

Bernie Sanders is his man and the Democrat Party is “blowing it” by not getting behind the Vermont Socialist, according to him.

“When people say Bernie is crazy, no. Bernie is talking about inequality. That is the burning issue in the United States,” he told Policy Mic during an interview this week.

That’s the message progressives like Steyer want you to think is the “burning issue”.

Bernie is crazy and Steyer is wrong. He’s an elite who wants full control of the American people.

Bernie Sanders, currently under investigation for bank fraud with his wife Jane.

While Steyer endorsed Hillary Clinton after the primaries, the crony capitalist is an ardent supporter of Bernie’s vision.

“There is an absolute, unspoken war between corporate interests and the American people,” he said. “That’s the underlying subtext for all of the public discussions within the Democratic party.”

“We’re seeing a deliberate attempt to take away [working families’] future by really rich people. Until we address that, I don’t think we’re dealing with the reality Americans are facing today,” he continued.

This is the compelling message he wants delivered to the American public and he wants it delivered by the energetic red diaper baby Bernie. Sanders can win back the working class in the rust belt, Steyer says.

Steyer believes the Democratic message must start with inequality, not jobs. “Before you freak out on the jobs question, which everyone loves to do, understand that we [only] have 4.3% unemployment,” Steyer said.

“But what we do have is a whole bunch of people who have jobs they can’t live on,” he added, a reference to the flawed thinking behind the Fight for $15 and other progressive campaigns to raise working class wages.

Steyer wants living wages, not minimum wages.

To that end, Steyer, who chairs the Fair Shake Commission on Inequality in California, just released a new report in partnership with the Center for American Progress [evil George Soros’s group] proposing a host of progressive policies to address inequality. It’s actually a Marxist manifesto with the usual declarations about minimum and living wages, immigrant [illegal] rights, inclusivity, unions, free housing, government control of banks, big government rule over pretty much everything is California, and more.

“Democrats have to move from resistance to offense,” he said.

His SuperPAC NextGen lost in four of the seven races they funded, so, to become more successful, he’s moved off climate policy to crowdsourcing the [hardcore leftist] Resistance, asking the public how he should spend millions to win elections.

Unsurprisingly, he loves communist healthcare and thinks it’s a constitutional right

“One of the things people get mad at Bernie about is single-payer,” Steyer said. “You know who is also calling for that? Warren Buffett. We have got to start looking at things with a fresh eye.”

“The idea that we’re not going to cover people is over,” Steyer explained. “Health care is a right. The question is how do we deliver it in the most efficient manner possible.”

Steyer admitted that getting to a single-payer system in the U.S. would be “really difficult,” but he believes that other countries’ systems are hurting American competitiveness. “Single-payer is a system [elsewhere] that is kicking our ass,” he said.

Steyer wants the party to adopt a solidly progressive [hardcore leftists] agenda, rather than just running on an anti-Trump platform or trying to fight for the center.

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