Democrats Blame Trump for Islamic Migrant’s Terror Attack in NYC

The one responsible for Monday’s terror attack is this guy, Akayed Ullah.

Muslim-ISIS terrorist Akayed Ullah, who tried to slaughter innocents in New York City’s Port Authority, told investigators his fake motive for the attack — he said he carried out the attack because of recent Israeli actions in Gaza, a law enforcement source allegedly told CNN.

That is the motive the left wants to run with and the terrorists know it. They easily play them.

[Later reports say he claimed he was set off by Christmas ads]

CNN’s Evan Perez is blaming Donald Trump for stating the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, but they should blame Chuck Schumer who has been pushing for this.

Perez is deliberately playing right into the hands of terrorists. He’s collaborating and is a traitor to this country. Let’s call this what it is.

The real motive is Ullah is an Islamic extremist who is an ISIS terrorist engaged in the worldwide jihad.

Obama official Ben Rhodes was also out immediately blaming the President.

Amid all the confusion over today’s terror attack in New York City, the MSNBC panel today was deeply concerned about….not bombs….not radical Islamists…GUNS! Even though a migrant Islamist committed today’s crime, it’s not about immigration and our [robust] vetting system, don’t let them turn it into that says MSNBC, it’s about guns.

If people want to blame anyone other than the terrorists for the uptick in terrorism, they might want to look at the more likely culprits — socialist/sharia supporter Linda Sarsour and communist Bill de Blasio or Barack Obama and the Democrats who relaxed all screening procedures and okayed people with terrorist ties for immigration.

De Blasio is the one who stopped all surveillance of mosques and Sarsour is a Hamas supporter.

Manhattan authorities allow terrorists to walk down the streets with their ISIS flags…it’s about PC and Democrat voters.

New York City today.


  1. Anyone in this country who supports these jihadists is an enemy of the Republic….PERIOD.

    Been on the phone all day back and forth. My grandson (Sixth Grade) attends Success Academy Mid-Hudson Yards 1 1/2 blocks down from where this incident occurred. He was just one train stop away on his way to school when this attack occurred. Thank goodness, for a good samaritan and the fact that he and his fellow students kept their cool.

    I hate to think of what could have happened. Trump has nothing to do with this. As a matter of fact, the President is doing everything right. Freaking murderous sobs.

    P.S.: Taking advantage of a good crisis, he just sent me screenshots of his grades and his Christmas list.

  2. Perez and Rhodes should be taken out and shot; They do not have the interests of the United States at heart.
    They are focused on destroying President Trump and do not care what it costs this country.
    We are heading toward a civil war in this country and people like Perez and Rhodes will be hiding in the closet while millions of innocent Americans get slaughtered in the cross fire.
    Fix Bayonets
    Osama Obama has screwed up this country beyond repair; Obama HATES THIS COUNTRY and will do anything to bring it down. Chocolate covered cyanide on a stick. ( I, regretfully supported this traitor for his re-election but would not support him if he were running for volunteer Dog Catcher, unless he promises to round up Hillary, and her gang for euthanasia . (Crazy Rachel madcow as well)

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