Democrats Celebrate Columbus Day Stupidly


Radical left Governor Newsom said today is the day to reflect on how miserable we are. Actor Robert Davi was having none of it.

Democrats celebrated the wrong holiday.

Democrat candidates, pandered to Native Americans and Mexicans and Central Americans who think they are Indigenous Peoples. They did not recognize Columbus. Instead, they’ve vilified him and in so doing, demean Italian immigrants to this country.

Gloomy Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a fake Indian, trashed America on this day. “The story of America’s mistreatment of indigenous peoples is long and painful.”

“And yet, Native communities have proven resilient. We owe them our respect—and we must honor our government’s commitments and promises to them. #IndigenousPeoplesDay,” she added.

Former Vice President Joe Biden tweeted, “On #IndigenousPeoplesDay, we recognize the resiliency of indigenous communities and celebrate their rich contributions to society—while recommitting to the work that remains to come to terms with our past as a nation, to honor our promises, and work to right our wrongs.”

Sen. Kamala Harris of California wrote, “Indigenous People’s Day is a time to recognize the suffering and oppression the Indigenous community has endured—and honor the numerous contributions they’ve made not just to the United States, but our world.”

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, son of a famous communist, tweeted, “It’s time to reset our relationships and interactions with Tribal Nations. Today, I’m announcing a plan to promote the rights of Tribal Nations and enhance opportunities for Native people to thrive.”

Former Secretary of HUD Julián Castro wrote, “Today our campaign joins more than 100 cities and eight states in the celebration of #IndigenousPeoplesDay.”

He continued, “We honor the more than 573 tribes across the US, their land we live on, their contributions to the world, and the resiliency of Indigenous people.”

The President gave a normal response.

Criminals have been vandalizing statues of our intrepid pioneer without repercussions again this year.



  1. Good Lord,these people are constantly putting American traditions down, so why don’t they travel in horse and buggy, so tired of them.

  2. Let’s put all these virtue signalers on a relatively tiny sailboat off the coast of Spain and insist they make the same journey Christopher Columbus did. Not one would get on board, and make that carbon free journey.
    Happy Columbus Day! Grazie mille Chris!

  3. American Indian tribes constantly fought against one another. If Europeans hadn’t moved in, America would probably be communist and owned by Asians.

  4. I don’t care what any one calls this day it’s Oct 14th. Big deal it has no significance to me. If indigenous people want to celebrate, so be it . If people want to believe Columbus discovered America although he never set foot on America’s soil, go for it. We have far more important concerns to address that will impact our country than the name of an arbitrary day in Oct. But if one is looking for a significant day in American history that does hold meaning Why not celebrate April 19 1775 the day the American Revolution began; And Sept 17, 1789 Constitution Day when the laws governing America was signed? Lest we forget who We are as Americans and why we are a Free country. A Republic if we can keep it.

  5. Columbus Day is a birthday party for the demonic democrats who murdered 58 million American unborn children in the United States alone with their abortion failed policies since 1973.

  6. Columbus is 10,000 times the man Newsom is. Those were long, risky, dangerous trips. The trips by Columbus across the world are equivalent today to flying to Mars multiple times. Columbus helped develop the world, Newsom preys on the world.

  7. The party of kindness and tolerance, illustrates their hatred and fascism. There is no excuse for the destruction of statues and our history. But we know, that’s where their ideology lies. It’s sad to see where we’re headed, if this behavior is allowed to continue.

  8. The leftists are in an uproar about everything American, why not Columbus Day? Just another day for them to have a platform to hate on America.
    What amazes me is that they don’t seem to understand, maybe willfully, that if the commies actually take over, they will be the first to be lined up and done away with.
    Columbus needs to be honored for having the gonads to get in the little ship and travel west to the unknown. That was an amazing feat, and for that he and his crew needs to be remembered.
    Stupid leftists still looking for praise for their obvious virtue signalling. Without Columbus, none of them would be on any stage anywhere. Sooooo tired of listening to their crap.
    Which might have been a good thing.
    Just sayin’.

  9. Today is Columbus Day and we should celebrate this special day, as part of our history from yesterday years. Even though he did not arrive in America, he’s responsible for all of us forming a new and brighter mentally advanced generation. Where we would be, if he hasn’t discovered us in the Caribbean islands? HAPPY COLUMBUS DAY!!!!!!!.

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