Democrats Have Chosen the Way Forward


The Democrat Party has chosen the path forward and it’s towards Marxism and the hard-left.

The Hill interviewed more than a dozen key Democrats who say Bernie Sanders is a powerful and welcome voice in the Democrat Party though they aren’t happy Bernie went back to being an Independent.

If people wonder how hard-left the Democrat Party has gone in its efforts to win elections, that should be your answer. Hard-left, aged Bernie is the welcome leader.

Bernie is a Marxist who calls himself a Democratic Socialist. The only real difference between him and a Socialist is Democratic Socialists can vote. Being able to vote hasn’t done Venezuelans any good. Once the people in charge have that much power, there is no fighting them.

In the United States, there is little difference between Socialists and Communists.

However, and what is most alarming, is Democrats see him as a “good Democrat”.

“It continues to drive me a bit nuts that he continues to register as an Independent, but the bottom line is that he is a good Democrat,” said Jim Manley, a Democratic strategist who supported Hillary Clinton during the Democratic presidential primary and openly worried then about Sanders’s allegiances to the party.

During the primary, some Democrats worried that Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, was pushing the party too far to the left.

They went from that to telling people they should ignore labels.

“If you are concerned with labels, you might bristle at the notion of a registered Independent jockeying for control over the direction of the Democratic Party — and there were certainly some in the party apparatus that expressed precisely this sentiment during the 2016 campaign cycle,” said Lynda Tran, a Democratic strategist.

Some Democrats love his hard-left, economically absurd policy ideas.

“But if you’re focused on policy ideas over party labels you might welcome the inclusion of his voice, and frankly other voices too, at a time when the Democratic Party is under intense attack and working on the path forward,” said Tran.

“At the end of the day, Bernie Sanders may be a registered Independent, but he has always caucused with Democrats and there is no question he continues to enjoy strong support among many members of the Democratic Party,” Tran added.

“I do think it’s strange. I was rather surprised that he went back to being an Independent but I don’t think it matters,” said Bill Press, an early supporter of Sanders who served as a surrogate for the candidate during the primary. “People like his ideas. Bernie is Bernie. Whether he has an I or a D after his name … nobody cares.”

Press, who writes a regular column for The Hill, said Sanders received support from a wide swath of Democrats and plans to use his newfound celebrity to push causes vital to Democrats. He’ll also be a force in helping to elect Democrats in Congress as well as in gubernatorial and state legislature elections.

“I talk to a lot of people who now believe that Democrats nominated the wrong candidate, and they can’t say for sure that Bernie would have won, but they know Bernie was more in tune with the wavelength of the American people [than Clinton],” he said. “He was an agent of change. Clinton was not.”

WOW! The hard-left, Castro defending, Sandinista-loving Marxist is the way forward for the Democrat Party.


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