Democrats Could Win This November With the Help of Cartels


President Trump was elected to stop massive illegal immigration. Keep in mind that the border and illegal immigration to the South are controlled by cartels. Democrats are stopping him at every turn. The manufactured storm over children separated at the border could cost him the presidency this November. Democrats smell blood in the water with this issue.

If Democrats take back the House, they will impeach the President. If they can throw him or his family in jail, they will.

The message is no one on the right must ever win again and destroying the President is how they hope to make sure of that.

A third of all Americans use illicit drugs and international crime organizations are firmly entrenched in 130 U.S. cities. Drugs are a lucrative and growing business. As the business grows, the call for legalizing all drugs grows.

Human trafficking is a diversion for cartels whose primary business is drugs. Keeping border guards busy with unaccompanied children and tens of thousands of illegal crossers each month, takes law enforcement away from the main business of cartels — drug dealing.

Cartels also make a lot of money from the human trafficking business and in many cases, it’s a family’s life savings.

Cartels have the full cooperation of the American left who hate Capitalist America.

Democrats and media are unwittingly or wittingly working with cartels, underwriting their business.

They have let the cartels and foreigners know that if illegals show up with children, they get to stay in the United States. Feckless politicians promise to reward parents of illegal child migrants with amnesty.

As Senator Tom Cotton points out, many children are sold to traffickers and sex slave traders as a price for entering the U.S..

We reward these people with residency, welfare, and eventual amnesty.

As most know, President Trump recently imposed a “zero tolerance” policy as a way of stopping the abuse. The law requires parents be put under arrest. Children are then removed from their custody and sent to live with relatives or put into foster care.

The leftists, the media, the Democrats, some Republicans went wild with Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy because children are ‘separated’ from ‘parents’. They do not or will not see the bigger picture.

Out of the 12,000 children who crossed our borders illegally most recently, only 2300 were found to — possibly — have come with family. The rest were unaccompanied. It’s a relatively small number and the children are treated well. It is a policy followed by Barack Obama under a law instituted by George W. Bush.

No amount of truth telling matters. The 24/7 assault on the President’s policy of following the law worked.


The Democrats and their media won this one and it’s not resolved. While President Trump seemed to cave and overturn the law separating parents from children with an Executive Order, he stipulated that the parents and children together should be detained indefinitely, and that will come up against a 1997 law forbidding it.

President Trump has no solution yet for the 2300 already separated and that will blow up soon. As for the future incoming children who allegedly come with family members, the law in place since 1997 will prevent his solution for them. It does not allow indefinite or long-term detention.

The Flores Settlement of 1997 stipulates that “juveniles be released from custody without unnecessary delay.” Judges have said 20 days is the maximum on detention of minors.

Illegal immigration is an important issue for Democrats and they have no interest in helping solve it. With the media on their side, they can get away with anything, even an abusive open borders system.


Border agents explaining what their seeing makes no difference to the useful idiots. Agent Chris Cabrera explained this week that children die in front of them from heat stroke, little 4-year old girls come with their phone numbers written on their shirts, and 12-year old girls are on Plan B because they will be raped during the journey.

The left does not care. It is always about the ideology for them and it is remarkable that they can convince people they are the ones who care.

The parents who sold the foreign children to or paid cartels to take them to the U.S. illegally will continue to do it because the borders are open. More will come. Currently, that is what is happening.

Democrats will not help close the loophole. The illegals are overwhelmingly supporters of the Democrat [Socialist] Party and it’s a winning issue for them. They can’t win on ideas or policies, so they use smoke and mirrors.

Democrats need the chaos and the destruction of our culture in order to become the permanent Progressive electoral majority. Once in, they will put their Marxist utopia in place. That is the end-goal.

The leftists promised a fundamental transformation and this is it.


Barack Obama, a Marxist, never left office. He has been working undercover, holding secret meetings with far-left zealots who hope to become president and he is undermining Trump on every conceivable issue.

The former president and Eric Holder have been working on ending redistricting. They’ve won in a number of states and may have picked up ten House seats so far.

Obama and Holder and his other minions are subversives.

Michael Bloomberg has put $80 million into taking back the House as has George Soros, Tom Steyer, and others. Bloomberg is an anti-Second Amendment zealot, Soros is an open borders, far-left activist, and Steyer is a Socialist who wants endless redistribution, particularly as it applies to the environment. There are many other rich Socialists funding the effort and people like David Brock of Media Matters and his ally Soros have organized them as one force. Even though they are the minority and are very extreme, they win in numbers by uniting every radical element and every disparate identity group — they become the majority.

Social media sites run by far-left zealots have censored the right. Libertarians are mocked or ignored and Conservative voices are silenced.

This is the revolution Bernie speaks of so often.

The influx at the border of illegals, illegal children, phony asylum seekers is an invasion, not migration, and it is meant to ensure Democrats win back Congress.

Once they win, they will impeach Trump. That is what Mueller’s probe is about.

When Obama left office, it was only the beginning of his fundamental transformation of America to a Socialist state. He’s currently winning.

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5 years ago

Impeaching Trump will be the end of life for all democrats , Trump nation would never allow that.

5 years ago

Republicans very well may be creating their own demise. The GOP’s Budget for a Brighter American Future seeks to cut about 5.4 Trillion from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We should remember that immediately after the Banking Crisis that the yearly Federal Budget “doubled” in that year which included bailouts, stimulus etc. One would have assumed in the year after that the budget would have dropped to a level “close” to the year prior, but it did not. What Did happen was a “sequester” which “kept” the spending at “that” level. Where did all that money go since there weren’t continuous bailouts and stimulus packages.

It’s really pathetic how the Republicans passed the infamous Omnibus bill with such bloated spending and Then come back with cuts to programs that, in essence, were investments by the recipients. Company retirement plans based the annuities with Social Security payments as supplemental. Therefore many who now depend on both will be suspicious of the Republican agenda.

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
5 years ago

Again, people need to step up and support the President. RosenstAin has committed several felony crimes and needs to be fired, and replaced by Trey Gowdy or someone who is objective. Sessions can stay or leave, but he must honor his decision to resign if RosenstAin is fired. Can’t have an acknowledged criminal as Deputy Attorney General. RosenstAin can not and will not do his job and turn over the evidence which will convict himself of serious felonies, so HE MUST BE FIRED.