Democrats curse, scream, throw urine, burn MAGA hats, hit Trump fans


Hundreds of protesters outside President Trump’s rally in Minneapolis Thursday night set fire to Make America Great Again hats and other memorabilia, tossed urine at Trump fans and police, screamed and cursed like banshees, showing their hatred for the President, police, and the right-wing — half of America. Police eventually broke up the crowds of Democrats and their communist Antifa army.

There were reports that multiple protesters were arrested.


Star Tribune reporter Chao Xiong showed Trump supporters walking through a crowd of protesters outside screaming, “Lock him up” and “Shame on you.”

A reporter for The Washington Post posted a video on Twitter that showed a protester punch a Trump supporter in the back of the head as he left the rally. The crowd screamed “Nazi scum! Off our streets!”  The Trump supporter was also slapped and pushed before eventually running to safety as the Democrats ran off after more ‘Nazis.’

Police had to use pepper spray on the madmen.

Democrats fully support and encourage these immature idiots who spread hate and encourage anarchy.


Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina said the protesters (rioters) were trying to make sure they “intimidate future Trump rally supporters.”

“You know inside the arena just a few minutes ago was really lifting up and honoring the law enforcement and and giving them the respect that they’re doing,” Meadows said on “The Ingraham Angle” guest hosted by Jason Chaffetz. “And yet outside a few minutes later, you have just, it appears to be just hostility towards law enforcement and really an unruly crowd.”

Meadows continued, “Listen this is all about making sure that they can try to intimidate future Trump rally supporters and goers. And that’s just not going to happen.”

He’s right, it’s not.

Senator Tim Scott said on the same show that the behavior of the crowds outside assaulting everyday Americans and police “sickens my stomach.”

“Watching this situation in Minnesota just sickens my stomach,” he said.

He praised the Minneapolis police for controlling the wild mobs.

“It’s the most ridiculous thing I saw on TV today,” Scott told Chaffetz.

“I’ve spent the day today running around South Carolina thanking law enforcement officers — from Charleston to Aiken to Hilton Head — thanking them for their service to this country,” he said.




At about 1:03, the President talks about his love for the police! It flies in direct contrast to all the hate for law enforcement coming from the New Democratic Party.

  • Ahhhh the tolerant left in all their glory .. And THEY call the right Nazis and Fascists. They themselves are exactly what they call others, as it usually is with them.

  • Who spreads hate and divison? Not the Republicans, you will not see our people acting with such hate and violence towards others. President Trump has kept his promises and he’s still standing by us enough without getting paid and having to deal with these low life haters, Democrats breath hate into everyone they can but those of God will always
    stand by Trump, America’s greatest president ever, drain the swamp, build the wall, make america great again. Love and prayers to our leader