Democrats Go Wild Over Trump’s Temporary Hairstyle


The President’s hair looked different this weekend during a visit to a church in Virginia Beach, so, of course, the Trump haters were out mocking him. It looked fine but his other hairstyle does too and they mock that. It doesn’t matter, orange man bad.

The speculation was rampant.

Some suggested it was a case of “hat hair,” given that Trump had just left the golf course. Others speculated it may have been a makeover ahead of the president’s trip to the U.K. this week.

The truth is the President just went to pray and didn’t worry about his hair.

Just the same, the leftist Democrats jumped on it. It was another opportunity to mock them.

The speculators are leftists.

This woman thinks it’s theater. It’s not theater to stop and pray for victims, unless it’s Trump doing it. She is a leftist.

Riotwomenn is a leftist:

This next woman in her Nasty woman t-shirt is a leftist:

An NBC guy:

This is another leftist:

The comments on The Hill were unpleasant. It’s the left who are uncivil.

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