Democrats Hope to Turn Out the Fluffy & Fido Vote – Update 7/26


 Update at the end of the piece

The Voter Participation Center wants to get out the Democratic vote, even if the potential voters are dead or furry. The center conducted mass mailings of voter registration forms in Virginia. The mailings went to everyone, including Fluffy, Muffy, the long gone, and the ineligible.

The Center said it’s not a problem since it’s no different than any other company sending out a mass mailing to occupants and accidentally getting dead people or cats. Hmmm….

Mitt Romney contacted the Virginia DA and asked him to investigate. Sounds fair to me. He just wants it looked into.

The Voter Participation Center doesn’t believe Romney has the right to question the strange mailings. They said Romney is trying to suppress the vote.

It would be terrible if the local felon or Fido couldn’t vote illegally.

via Washington Examiner

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is asking the Virginia attorney general to investigate recent allegations of voter fraud in the state after voter registration forms were sent to dead people and animals.

Attorneys representing Romney contacted Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s insisting that multiple state laws were broken when the D.C.-based Voter Participation Center mailed voter registration forms to ineligible voters, a spokesman for Cuccinelli said.

The center said it mailed more than 200,000 voter registration forms in June. But the Virginia Board of Elections said many of those went to people not eligible to vote, including “dead relatives, minor children, non-citizen relatives, already registered voters, convicted felons, and cats and dogs,” Romney’s campaign alleged in a letter sent to Cuccinelli’s office Tuesday.

“This presents a very significant risk to the proper administration of the upcoming general election,” Romeny’s attorneys wrote. Virginia is a critical battleground state Romney is hoping to win in November…

UPDATE: 7/26/12:

via Rhymes with Right

…But we know that this effort to register the ineligible, the deceased, the non-human and the non-existent has been ongoing for some time. And this post of mine documents how my wife and I received THREE voter registration forms for fictitious names that my wife uses to subscribe to magazines — forms so official looking that we initially believed they came from the state of Texas itself until a commenter pointed out differently …Keep Reading





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